20 day TV survey day #14 in Surveys, surveys, and more surveys

  • March 1, 2014, 12:52 p.m.
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14 a favorite music channel

Well this generally makes me think of 3 TV channel destinations. Fuse, MTV hits, and Music Choice

MTV hits is the only MTV channel that is devoted to music and not dumb shows. MTV was originally devoted to music and I guess down the line they figured adding shows to get more viewers. I don't see why, I mean music is music and everybody loves something

Music Choice has so many different music genre channels its another fun place. Lately I've been more on the dance/edm channel. Its really great to have a channel devoted to just one thing! And music choice really has something for everyone! for different OS apps go directly to the site here and before going to the full site they will show you different app options m.musicchoice.com/ and you can stream the channels from the website also.

Fuse is probably the channel I most gravitate to besides Music Choice. I've noticed they play more diverse music and play rock more then MTV hits. MTV plays a lot also but they play more r&b and rap. I like rap, but I'm really a rock chick by heart! So fuse does it for me.

Well that's it for today's TV survey question. I'll be back tomorrow for the next question. I maybe back later to post something else. Not sure. I'm in the mood to do something but not sure what :P


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