A good Friday (hopefully) in Everyday Things

  • July 12, 2019, 5:25 a.m.
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Fingers crossed friends that today at work no one brings or microwaves any type of fish/shellfish product at work today!! For the last two days this has been an issue; and i fact it happened twice yesterday. The excuse? “i forgot”..... but when you were standing in front of every microwave in the kitchen with the giant red stickers that say: do not microwave or consume any fish/shellfish etc- you read it and still forgot?? I just can’t call people sometimes y’know.... i’m still recovering from my reactions from the last two days - giant patches of rash are not easy to hide and are irritating to say the least.
This being said; as long as today does not have any mishaps- i am going to see def leppard tonight after work!!! Pretty pumped about it!! I hope all of y’all out here have a good day, and if you’re struggling -i feel you and i hope you have a day that is easier than the last!

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