Hip/Leg & Dry Paths in Answered Prayers

  • July 11, 2019, 11:55 a.m.
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Yesterday I noticed a piercing pain in the spot where my left leg meets my pelvis. It wasn’t painful unless a walked or stood in a certain way. I had to guard myself all day and take small paces when I walked. I kept thinking it would get better because I have experienced this pain before and it usually goes away after a quick stretch. But it lasted to the next day…today. Finally, I realized I needed to PRAY ABOUT IT! Why had I taken so long to call out to God to resolve this?! It’s nothing for Him to fix my leg! I prayed and within 30 seconds the pain vanished, never to return, and it’s been over 7 hours since that prayer!

I also saw a 60% chance prediction of a thunderstorm to rain down right at the time I am scheduled to bike home (4:30 p.m.). I prayed and God has blown that thunderstorm away until 7 p.m.! He is so good and merciful. I don’t deserve all the kindnesses He showers upon me but still He generously provides.

I love God so much. I love the way He loves me.

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