Rain, Financial Aid & Bankruptcy in Answered Prayers

  • July 9, 2019, 7:16 p.m.
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For the last 2 days, the weather was predicted to be full of thunderstorms during my bike rides to & from work. I prayed for God to give me dry pathways, and He let it rain ONLY during my shifts — but kept the skies quiet and dry both while I traveled on my bike to and from work! I was so relieved and grateful to my merciful God and cried and thanked him in complete awe of His concern for little things like my comfort!

Today I was scheduled to attend a meeting to finalize my bankruptcy filing. It would cost $4 to travel to the Federal Building by bus and take 4 hours roundtrip. Or I could take a Lyft for $35 and it would only take 40 minutes roundtrip. But I really couldn’t justify spending so much money on a 20-minute ride, so I decided to settle for the less expensive option, even though it would be more difficult. I prayed God would provide safe and comfortable transportation and told my friend, Eileen about my plans. Well, she in turn told her friend Judy… and Judy sent me money to cover the cost of the fare — plus extra! I ended up having a free ride AND a free delicious ramen lunch! God is so, so merciful and good.

Today God got me to the Federal Building of the Trustee safely. The Lyft driver who picked me up was dangerously texting and using Face-Time for the first ten minutes of the 20-minute ride. Troubled by this and deeply concerned for our safety as well as the safety of others on the road with us, I prayed fervently for God to prevent any further incoming calls and texts to her phone. I prayed from my loving heart, trusting God would protect us — and just like that, her phone went completely silent for the remaining ten minutes of the ride! God answered my prayers immediately and it gave me a big thrill to see Him step in like that and control the situation according to HIS will!

God is listening and He cares. I continue to pray for Him to align my heart to His will everyday, especially when it hurts.

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