It's Friday, it's Friday.. woop, woop.... in New Beginnings.....

  • Feb. 28, 2014, 3:32 p.m.
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That is my daughters Friday song, she sings it every week and it's pretty darn funny! So I’ve been getting mixed signals regarding this job situation. The other day bestie said something like you really should consider this job… Uhh yea I have been nonstop actually. In reality it is the perfect job for me, just that night thing, which she said would be 4 shifts a month tops, not really that much, especially if I could find a reliable, affordable sitter. But the thought of being away from my punkie at night and the fact that I’d more than likely have to work holidays, when her school is closed, and what if they need more nights then we think, just ugh. Not really what I want. The money however would be freaking GREAT! I feel like if her dad was here I’d do it no questions… Oh yea and office lady did not give me a raise like she mentioned either and I just had to email benies lady again to check the status of my health insurance. With all that in mind I did just apply for a job that could be awesome. The pay is about the same as now, a little more, it didn’t mention hours or dress code but it’s the hospitality industry as the office manager, so hours would be day time. The job description is pretty close to what I was doing in AK, but it is as far as I drive now and in the same “traffic” direction. The position however would be much more stimulating and they will be opening a second location closer to me next year so maybe if they hired me and loved me I could eventually apply for the closer location? Maybe? Who knows it was one of the online apps, so hopefully everything was successfully and correctly submitted.. We’ll see. Thankfully I am currently employed so hopefully if I just keep trucking and looking something will eventually work out! In other news: Supposed to actually go out tomorrow with friends. Sadly it’ll be me with all the couples, but eh whatever I guess, at least there will be adult fun and beverages. Usually it turns out all the boys on one side and girls on the other, so maybe it won’t seem so obvious?

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