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  • June 30, 2019, 10:08 a.m.
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Okay okay, I’m digging this website so far. The best feature? DARK MODE. Go to your personalize settings and thank me later. (well your eyes will thank me after being less strained.)

Anyway, a short introduction is in order. I am David. I had a DE account for about 14 years under drummerboy5189. I was tempted to keep the same name, but I felt a fresh start would be nice (although this new name I’m using is what I’ve used for a long time in other ways.)

I will use this to just write about random stuff and thoughts. Mostly for keepsakes so I can go back in time later and read/cringe at how I used to be. Currently, this is my 30 year old self.

I live in Austin, TX currently with my girlfriend Jessica. She is in pharmacy school and currently enjoying her first (and only) summer off. I shoot wedding photography for income and I stream on twitch for fun. (links are in my bio).

I’m a huge dork when it comes to electronics. I love learning how to make different random tech work together and it really makes me feel like I should have become an electrical engineer rather than a chemist (but I met Jessica during my chemistry days so that’s probably how it should have been!).

I’m done for now, but I’m looking forward to updating this once a month or so with new information! :) Take care!

Silver Satan June 30, 2019

Dark mode really is the best for the eyes o.o
Good luck and welcome aboard.

DE_karabeara July 01, 2019

I think I set dark mode before I even set a profile pic, awesome feature! Also: yay! HI!!

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