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  • June 15, 2019, 12:09 p.m.
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So it’s Saturday, and I woke up at 8:30, which is weird, because usually if I go to bed early on Saturday, I still sleep till at least 10:00. Not going to complain, though.
So I have the list in my head. I’m going to log into the credit union and pay bills here shortly, then I actually have to go to the credit union and get a new debit card (mine expires at the end of this month, and it’s kinda falling apart anyway), then I need to go to the Chevy dealer and get a new mount for my truck’s front license plate (holder got broken when I took the truck to the car wash, so the front plate is in the floor board currently), need to run to Home Depot, go by the western store and get a couple of short sleeved shirts, then to the grocery store for a few things, then maybe come home and work on the yard.
Yard work is dependant. This week has been a bit tiring, so even though I fully intended to to get the mower out, I was too tired after work, and now it acts like it’s going to rain. Doesn’t mean it will. This is Seattle. The weather is more bi-polar than I am. In an hour’s time, I could have a bright bright sun-shiney day, or it could start spitting again. Who knows. If I can’t get the mower out, then I intend to start working on more packing up in the house. Maybe get the spare bedroom to where I can actually walk in there without having to step over piles of stuff.
Have I mentioned this house has VERY LITTLE storage space?
So much to do, and so little motivation. Heh.. that’s my curse I think.
Alright, time to get this party started.

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