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  • June 15, 2019, 5:43 a.m.
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So I’ve been in a shit mood since Friday last. A friend of mine in California referred a friend of hers to me, so I was patiently waiting for her email. It had been a couple weeks, and I was planing to ask my friend if she had tried contacting me. I walk into the office at 4:30p and R says “This lady called in and said she’s been trying to reach you, so I gave her to S.” I asked if it was the lady I was waiting to hear from by name. “Yeah, that’s her.” Bitch was almost gleeful about it.
Clarity - R is our office manager, S is her fiancee and the owner’s son.
I immediately saw red. She had my email pulled up on her computer - I’ll cover this in a minute, and I read the two emails from my friend’s friend trying to reach me. I stood up, quietly walked to the back, clocked out, got in the truck and came home. I was beyond furious. I wasn’t quite in control of my foot leaving the parking lot… partly due to the fact I had a serious urge to kick someone’s teeth in… so my tires weren’t exactly quiet.
Now about the email thing… I’ve had to ask R repeatedly to NOT keep my email open on her computer because I don’t get the push alerts on my phone for new messages. I miss emails, then she gripes at me for not reading them, I check my phone and it says I have no new emails, I show her, then remind her about keeping my email open. Normally, she tells me that I need to get in touch with whoever has been trying to reach me. This time, she just handed it off to S without any notice to me. She could have taken a message and said she’d have me call. But she chose not to.
Bit of nephatism on that one, I think.
I cannot wait to be able to flip the bird and walk the hell out for the last time. I cannot wait to leave this socialist wannabe state, and all the self-absorbed, self-entitled, clueless dumbasses who reside here. Other than buying my first home, I can’t really say that anything good has come of me living here. I moved here for the wrong reason. That’s been discussed here ad-nauseum. I should have corrected this mistake sooner. Lesson learned. Whatever.

I’ve done something else stupid. I’ve signed up for Tinder. I’m not sure why, really. I’ve swiped left (pass) way more times that I expected. Yeah, I know, I’m picky. Not even sure what I want from it. I know I don’t expect anything of it, but I don’t know if I wanna find a real relationship, someone cute to drain the tanks somewhat regularly.
Who the hell am I kidding. Even if I get a match, I’m not likely to actually act on it. Let’s just be realistic here.

The Ginger made an appearance last night. It’s been a few years at this point. It’s all in fragments right now, and I haven’t the strength to sort it all out right now. Once I collect the bits of that one and make a little sense of it, I’ll put an entry in the dreams book. I’ve also noticed I’ve been dreaming more the last couple months. Nothing really deep or bothersome… well… till last night.

Guess I have to stop here. The cat wants attention. Fat prick. He’s sweet, though.

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