Well - 2/25/14 in New Beginnings.....

  • Feb. 26, 2014, 1:47 p.m.
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So if we are being completely honest here I have just settled with the sprinklers. Ugh they are both turning on twice but they are both turning on and it’s 10 min each so I decided so be it. I am done F’en with them and feeling like a complete idiot since I can’t really figure them out. Yes little grey box with the turn dial and buttons, yes, you are smarter than me.

No word on the job thing. Wonder if they decided to close for lunches? Bestie had a meeting with them Monday but I haven’t heard anything back? I decided to try and not overthink this one, like I do everything and just say if it’s meant to be it will work out. I checked out all the liquor/beer distributers in the area to see if any of them are hiring, but all I saw was sales and a sales person, I am NOT. I have been constantly checking career builder/craigslist but nothing that sounds too good just yet.

Roomie and her man got a place and it’s so freaking far. I’m sure we’ll see each other once and a while. But it will be far and few for sure. For now she’s commuting. Her current job is like 10 min from my house. I love that girl, but she really is crazy! I can’t believe she let her baby daddy win and did exactly what he wanted. Now she gets to pay like 100 a week on gas so he can get his way. She is leaving her bed for now incase she’s wants to just stay at my place which I have no problem with and her son is staying with me next Sat night so at least the kids will get to play. Ahah just heard she actually took my advice. She called my girls husband, who sells cars. He’s getting her a trade on her truck into a brand new car. I assume a lower car payment but it will FOR SURE save her some gas $. So that’s good!

In other news: My man has been having medical issues. I know this will make me sound like a heartless Biatch. But the fricken drama has been driving me nuts. All I can hear is sighs and moans while we are on the phone. I get it your in pain but 3 freaking weeks of this I can’t take it anymore. I was in labor for 30 hours and he didn’t so much as hold my hand or rub my back. He’s having surgery today and they don’t even know what exactly the problem is. That’ll be another $10,000.00 Medical bill he can’t pay and another reason why he can’t move, I’m sure. I really am heading towards OVER IT at a rapid pace. His daughter misses him so much. I get it he’s in pain and been sick, I do. But his 4yr old doesn’t. It’s been since Jan 1st that she’s seen him and he promised to come home once a month. I really have been considering / thinking of telling him not to bother moving and selling this house and buying a condo. UGH.

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