I did it, I did it! in New Beginnings.....

  • Feb. 20, 2014, 12:44 p.m.
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I figured out both the pool and the sprinklers (I think). The pool timer had somehow gotten stuck, or something the time of the timer was off. I looked at it at 5:30 and it was saying it was 3:45… So I turned it back to the correct time and this morning I could hear it running when I woke up! Presumably it was still running just turning on later in the day. Now to figure out what all the little tiny bugs floating on top of the water are all about…?

The sprinklers I just played with on manual until I saw the back yard turn on then set it. So tomorrow morning at 6:45 & 7:00am, I’ll know for sure. Gawww. Tonight I need to investigate the possibly bigger problem on my hands. I had the doors open last couple of nights since it’s been so freaking warm already and decided to spray a little bug spray around the doors. When I was in the back yard there was a big black spider. I wondered for a minute if it was a black widow, but sprayed it and went inside so I didn’t freak myself out. I’ve never seen any on the property before so I basically dismissed it, checked it later and confirmed it was dead.

Skip to this morning. I finally log onto my property managers site so I can print my tax papers, while I am looking around at different reports I find one that says there was an exterminator called out due to the tenants seeing a black widow on “the door leading to the pool”. AHHH what? I put that in quotes because I don’t really know what that means? That could be the gate to the pool or my French doors on my house? Either way tonight I’m on a mission, to hose down the front and back doors and get rid of any webs I see! This homeowner stuff.. gawww.

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