I QUIT- 2/19/14 in New Beginnings.....

  • Feb. 19, 2014, 8:40 p.m.
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Ugh the freaking back yard sprinklers did not turn on again this morning. I really thought I had it. The icing on the fricken cake, the pool pump hasn’t turned on the last 2 days either. I can manually turn them on so it’s just the timer I guess but W.T.F.? I am also pms’ing and told my man if he doesn’t come home soon I’m selling the place and buying a condo. Really he needs to come home soon. E misses him so much. I HATE what this is doing to her. HATE it. But if I waited for him to be “ready” to move, I’d be living in AK for the next 10 years I swear.
So the job stuff… After speaking with bestie the job sounds perfect for me, basically what I was doing in AK, and if I could manifest myself a job here, this would be it. BUT I do believe the hours may be a conflict. She mentioned having to do some nights in the beginning then switching to days, which I totally get and would be necessary, I just don’t know if I can do that right now. My daughter misses her dad so much and this move has been such a change for her. I can’t change everything again. I think she needs stability and that’s me right now. Without her dad here I don’t have anyone to watch her at night plus I can’t afford day care plus a sitter. And since she just got used to being at daycare I don’t think I should pull her out, especially since night shifts would be temporary and she’d eventually have to go back to day care. It seems crazy to pass up a great paying job (that I really want, and probably won’t find again) but I can’t sacrifice my daughter’s wellbeing for it? So not really sure what’s going to happen there. OH and of course the lady I work with today said she’s telling the boss he needs to give me a $2 an hour raise! Which would be great of course, but still not the same $$ at all….

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