Soo 2018… in New Beginnings.....

  • Feb. 7, 2019, 11:51 a.m.
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The old grumpy commercial guy has a heart after all. It’s pretty cold here, for AZ anyway. But early this morning like 5am he had the back door to the warehouse open and a homeless guy found his way in. He asked if he could just warm up for a minute and instead of kicking him out, OGCG (old grumpy commercial guy) let him in, use the bathroom and made him some coffee. He said they chatted for about 30/45 min and then he kicked him out. I said; aw see you DO know how to be a nice guy!

Oh yea, and check this out…. New recep called out again today. She said her stomach is killing her and it has to do with that thing they saw on the MRI. I wonder what’s really going on with this one. I mean I do know she’s having issues and so is her mom I don’t want to sound cold hearted but but after her meltdown the other day and now this week she’s been all over the place and there’s NO WAY she’ll hit 40 hours again. Is she quitting, or trying to get fired?

SO I was chatting with manager this morning about new recep and also owner. Owner is on one of his um we’ll call it episodes. We are in our slow season and his new reality of paying years and years of past taxes is catching up to him and the bank account. He’s trying to tighten the belt around here, which is good and necessary but the things he wants to tighten are not the right belts. It got me thinking though, OGCG’s health is bad he smokes nonstop, drinks a lot, has heart and blood pressure issues, constant bloody nose, he’s a mess. But I was thinking if I should express interest in learning his job. He’s the estimator and in a roundabout way project manager and this sounds really mean but he’s not that good at it. I mean reading plans could never be a bad thing to add to a resume but would I really want that job is the question. Back in my early working days and when I was an estimator’s assistant I remember thinking being a PM would be cool. Hmm something to think about I guess.

The mans new gig has been ehhh? I guess they have plenty of work but they don’t have their own work space which he doesn’t like at all and they already pissed off a customer that came in and asked for the man by name by charging her a TON. What I don’t like at all is they basically expect these guys to work 10 hour days, 6 days a week, F that! We’ll see but so far I don’t like it. We could ALWAYS use more money but not if we never get to see him.

And lastly can we please just stop with the selfies & motivational quotes, isn’t that so 2018?

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