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  • Jan. 10, 2019, 4:23 p.m.
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I don’t often do surveys but I couldn’t resist this one partly because of the first question.

Is there a rail line near your house? If so, is it noisy and bothersome?
Yes! It runs along the bottom of the front garden and I actually quite like it. I like to think about where all of the people on it might be going. I do the same with the planes; we have a lot of planes going over. I am so fascinated by them that I got an app on my phone called Flightradar 24 that shows the routes of planes flying right now, so I know where they are going. When we lived in London we were in Richmond near Heathrow and they were so low you could see which airline they were. I loved to sit in the park round the corner from our bedsit and watch them dip down to land in the sunset. As you can see I am a bit of a romantic.

What’s your favorite flavor of potato chip?
Salt & vinegar.

How far do you live from the nearest international border?

I’m in the UK so no borders this side of the sea. We are about a mile and a half from the border with Wales though.

Do you know anyone born on the 29th of February?
Not as far as I know. My father was born on the 1st March and we married and the 28th so our family are rather good and just missing that date.

What’s the tastiest thing inside your refrigerator right now?
Some mince pies left over from Christmas and some salted caramel Cornish ice cream which we didn’t even get around to.

Do you have a name that can also be used for the opposite sex?
I had the same nickname at school as my father, a shortening of our surname.

What model of car do you drive?
Our family car is a Volvo estate, Hubby’s pride and joy. If I had a car of my own it would be something more sporty. I had the most gorgeous Ford Classic Capri in the 70s.

Have you ever dated someone you work with?

Who was the last person to call you?
Probably a sales call.

Do you have a lock number or pattern for your phone?

Is your pantry messy at the moment?
Not particularly, which is strange because most of the rest of the house is!

List all of your siblings’ middle names.
I’m an only child. My middle name is Joan which Dad chose and he said was after the actress Joan Bennett, but Mum always suspected was for the woman he worked with during the war!

How are you feeling today?
Not too bad.

What’s your favorite type of juice?
Apple juice

What was the last present someone gave you and what was the occasion?
A late Christmas gift from Hubby, a lovely velvet dressing gown in a colour I would call claret.

Do you ever let your phone go completely flat before charging it again?
I haven’t yet but it’s got pretty close.

When was the last time you left the house? Where’d you go?
Went to the doctors this afternoon.

Are you in any sort of physical pain right now, even if very mild?
Slight headache.

What was one of your favorite movies as a small child?
Walt Disney’s Fantasia, I loved the 2 Siamese cats, it could be why I got one later.

Do you know the middle name of the last person you texted?

Do you have any food intolerances?
Not food. I can’t drink any alcohol as it triggers migraines.

Is there any cereal in your house? What kind?
Couldn’t live without it. We have bran flakes, muesli and Weetabix.

What’s the most number of people you’ve ever lived with?
4, 3 children and Hubby, unless you count the customers when my parents kept a pub when I was a child.

What is in the drawers beside your bed?
Haven’t got any drawers, just a table with a cupboard below. Not sure what’s in the cupboard, it needs sorting out!

Where’s your favorite place to be when you feel depressed?
In bed with my laptop and some chocolate.

Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow?
Not particularly, nothing really happening.

Have you ever faked sick?
Not to get out of school or work. I did with my mother sometimes to get a bit of attention.

Have you gone to a coffee shop within the past week? [i.e. Starbucks]
Yes, we went to Costa for coffee and a cake when we were in town last Saturday.

Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out?
Twice and both times it poured with rain. The first was when we had a market stall in the 80s and we used to go to shows. We went to the Fairford Air Show and camped for the weekend. We had to miss my mum’s 80th to go but thought we would make a lot and we were trying to establish a new business. It was mid July but it tipped down all weekend and we made a big loss. It was the beginning of the end for the business and turned out to be Mum’s last birthday.
The other time was a camping trip on the Gower with the children. We stayed 3 days and only got one fine afternoon. I don’t plan to ever camp again.

Last three texts on your phone are from?
I don’t text much so I guess they all all from the phone company with new offers.

Are you afraid of flying?
Unfortunately I have become nervous of flying over the past few years, maybe because of terrorism. We want to go to Italy this year and I have been looking into going by train. Hubby thinks that’s mad so I have to decide if I’m going to face my fear.

Do you have freckles?

Do you have plans for today?
Not now, it’s 9.15 pm.

Would you rather date someone five years older or five years younger than you?
I really don’t think that matters. I haven’t been on the market for 40+ years but if I was it wouldn’t bother me either way.

What were you doing at 7:45AM this morning?
Reading in bed after waking at 6.30 and not able to get back to sleep. Eventually I took my breakfast back to bed and then went back to sleep. It’s great being retired!

Are you usually awake at midnight?
Almost always. I can’t get to sleep much before 12.30. I’m usually in bed by 11 pm though reading or on the laptop.

Does it get really cold where you live?
Not usually really cold. We get snow maybe for a week or two on average.

When you get home from school / work do you change into your pj’s right away?
I’m retired now but once I am dressed I stay dressed until bedtime. I don’t always get dressed very early though.

What is the temperature currently in the town you live in?
The met office says it’s 3 C 34.7 F .

What is one thing in the room you’re in that reminds you of somebody?
There’s still a cute drawing on the wall that my daughter did when she was about 7, not sure why it’s still there.

What is the last thing you plugged into an electrical outlet?

The kettle for coffee.

The last time you went to the mall, what did you go for?
Nothing in particular just to look round the after Christmas sales.

Well that’s all for now.

Last updated January 11, 2019

^..^Kat January 11, 2019

I want to work in an airport at some point, but there is a very real threat I wouldn't get much work done. I'm incredibly fascinated with planes and I do the same as you and try to figure out where each person is going and why. :)

Marg January 12, 2019

There's something really soothing about the sound of a train :)
That must have been heartbreaking to miss your mum's last birthday when you thought you'd at least be benefitting the business - so frustrating!
I was laughing at your mum's suspicion of your middle name's origin!

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