Pairs Figure skating in New Beginnings.....

  • Feb. 11, 2014, 10:53 p.m.
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Love it! LOVE. So I was thinking tonight about OD being gone, still yes. Even though I downloaded it, it's in text. It's not the same at all. I've randomly logged into it FOR YEARS. Yes I still have my outlet (thank you!) but it's a new one and I'm a Taurus we're not so sure about all that change stuff. Speaking of.. My old CO. is hiring for contracts again. I can't decide if I should apply or not? Besides the current job being wonky, which it still is. I think I need to work closer to home. My road rage issues have surfaced again. Fuckers can't drive around here. Old job is same $ to start, about 1/2 the distance,(sadly, they use to be so close!) They did however also purchase their own building, hence the move. They have a little more room to grow in, not huge amounts but more than current job. ( I think?) Way more stimulation throughout the day, they have almost doubled in size since I worked there. It had it's cons as far as jobs go of course but nothing bad. I will have to start the insurance wait again. Currently getting added. This IS important since my daughter has fricken kennel cough STILL. Wondering if she has allergies or something, it's been a while now, cough no fever, starts to go away then comes back. Ummm where was I? Now, I get to work a straight 8. I love my hours. (not as good as last job, but you know.) As far as I drive traffic is usually not too bad. Unless there's an accident...or 3 then it SUCKS! The company's made some changes, really the jury's still out but they could be positive, maybe. I have a LOT of freedom. Even tho I work 8 if I need to do something or want to meet someone for lunch now and then they're totally cool. The other lady I work with is the sweetest older women from Brooklyn NY. She's been here for years but you'd never know. She's a crack up and very good at what she does I am learning lot's from her. I don't know... I keep looking at ad's hoping something will scream my name or call to me somehow.

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