Take Me Home Tonight. in Your Face

  • Dec. 6, 2018, 9:11 a.m.
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Warning: lots of whingeing in this entry.

Yesterday was another day to kick my ass. I suspect today will be a third in a row. Friday, maybe more of the same, but half way through the day, I am headed to Albuquerque. I’m just bombarded, utterly bombarded with work from all directions. And my mood just sucks! I don’t want to do any of it, it feels like pulling teeth, I am just so negative and pouty about it. It’s so annoying.

My evening was just fine. Started a new book, even though I have countless books half-read right now. This one is about a prisoner who has an option between being hanged, or taking a job as a food taster for a commander (like in ye olde times when they were convinced the kind was going to get poisoned). I think there’s some mystical element that will be introduced later in the book, though.

Tried to go to bed early. Failed, because I forgot I wanted to wash the paper dust out of my work pants. I really need to get more pairs of work pants. Woke up at 2am and stayed awake for about an hour. Woke at 5am when M was getting dressed. So, pretty tired today BUT WHAT ELSE IS NEW.

Eyes flooded with tears on the bus this morning when I heard a song that Sweet Bro and I had listened to a bunch of times in Aus. God-fucking-DAMN it, I miss him terribly. I don’t know how to deal with this emotion.

Pay day tomorrow. Pay day tomorrow. Pay day tomorrow.

M wants to go to the dealership on Monday and see about refinancing our car loan. My credit score still sucks, though. But now his is really good, and he has income. So, I don’t know what to expect, really. If we can get a better interest rate, then great, but I don’t want to get hit with a huge wad of fees to refinance. I guess we’ll have to just go there and see.

I’ve decided to get my hair cut. It’s too long, and hangs out of my towel when I wrap it up to dry after a shower. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend, and get my brows done. Then I’ll be good and pretty.

WeAreStarStuff December 06, 2018

I love that song.

AlexYourAlterEgo WeAreStarStuff ⋅ December 06, 2018

You know, I took a snippet of a Queen lyric (Fat Bottomed Girls), but as I finished my entry, I started to sing the Eddie Money song. Now it's stuck in my head for the day.

Deleted user December 08, 2018

But I love your long hair 😭😭😭

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