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  • Nov. 27, 2018, 9:04 a.m.
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Well, where the fuck to start.

Three months ago I decided I was going to start lifting weights. Heavy weights, like I did in my 20s. So I researched various regimes and without fail the advice I got was “check with your doctor first.”

So I did.

My blood pressure was substantially up. I had been on a baby dose of losinipril for the better part of a decade.

Didn’t seem to be working anymore.

My doc tripled the dosage and my potassium level spiked. So she switched me to amlodopine and my blood pressure went back to normal. For a few weeks.

That got me a consult with a cardiologist, a prescription for losartan. An echo cardiogram and a chest CT.

In 1989 they found a heart murmur. Actually disqualified me from flying. But I guess they were desperate, I was designated as NPQ/AA - Not physically qualified aeronautically adaptable.

If it weren’t for the chest CT, they never would have found it.

I have an aneurysm on my ascending aorta. It has probably been there all my life.

I get to go in for a cardio catheterization on Friday. I see the best CT surgeon in Maine on Tuesday.

They are going to open me up like a clam, stop my heart and repair the aneurysm.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m terrified.

To run across me, you’d never know it. Apparently we Scots-Irish Nordic Cherokee types are taught early we never show emotions unless the bedroom door is closed.

Right now I am coping by not thinking too much about it.

I spent Thanksgiving weekend alternately watching cheesy hallmark Christmas movies and the darkest horror shit I could find on cable.

Actually “Crimson Peak” was pretty good. The ending was poignant.

Tomorrow I will do all my Christmas shopping. Which means I’ll buy a bunch of gift cards and Christmas cards. Plus a lobster mac and cheese casserole for the folks.

Dig out my living will and see if it stills works.

Balance all these doctors appointments.

And circular breathing. Maybe a Tibetan singing bowl.

Anything but thinking about waking up with a tube up my nose, and chest tube in, a catheter up mister wiggly. And being surrounded by beeping machines.

That’s if I wake up at all.

Last of all you old sea dogs
Who travel after whale
You’d storm the gates of hell itself
For the taste of a mermaid’s tail
Who come from long lines of skippers
Whose duty was fulfilled
In the words of a warrior’s will
And protocol…

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gattaca November 27, 2018

Holy crap Batman!
Try not to worry about the surgery. You're probably in better shape than I am. I had my bypass in 2014 (coronary artery defect), all things considered, it was a breeze.

A few things to be aware of:
You'll HATE the intubation once you're in ICU and you'll try to take it out. They won't let you. Just relax and they'll remove it in about an hour.

Cardiac rehab is run by Nazi stormtroopers. They cut you no slack at all.

They'll offer in-home nurse visits (wound care, etc). ACCEPT THEM.

They'll give you pain meds (percocet). In my experience, post-surgery pain is minimal and you won't need to take the higher dosage.

Kristi1971 November 30, 2018

I'll be thinking of you Tuesday! Wishing you the best with a speedy recovery.

Pintador December 01, 2018

And here you just wanted to lift some weights 😮. Maybe you were meant to make this discovery...if you believe in that sort of thing. And if not, then consider it a lucky coincidence. Sending you healing vibes and a smooth recovery.

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