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  • Oct. 29, 2018, 9:25 p.m.
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Well. Fuck.

After the shooting in Pittsburg Saturday I was thinking about a friend from my early Navy Days. He owns a crossfit gym and is the director of security for a bunch of hospitals in Pittsburg.

I didn’t realize how fucking close that would be.

His father was Sicilian and his mother was Polish/Jewish. He knew some of those killed. They brought the perp right past him in the hospital where he has his office. He said “It was all I could do not to put one right between his eyes.”

Protocol being what it is, they don’t keep these motherfuckers in the ER, but rather run them straight to trauma. Basically to keep them as far away from the door as they can.

Sometime I think civilization is counter intuitive. Our ancient ancestors would not protect a murderer. It is a theme that is often addressed in post-apocalyptic fiction.

I don’t like to think about how I would handle such situations. While I’m a way too emotional jackass, I have no sympathy for shitbags who murder people in Church.

I would have no problem putting a 9x19MM Parabellum straight through that asshat’s skull.

My friend is a wreck. Some people can’t conceive of the rage of people who are supposed to protect, and couldn’t.

And the fucking associative property, being what it is.

I’m off.

Funny thing is, I put “Hollyann” on a Word Template. Today I was going to drive past Audrey’s house to see who was home. Then I was going to call her. My only excuse being I wanted to hear her voice again.

And it a lame excuse. Because I have never deleted the last voice mail I received from her. The last time I heard her say “I love you.”

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