A Tale of Three Rivers in The View from the Terrace

  • Oct. 8, 2018, 3:15 a.m.
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I’ve just joined a Facebook group called place names of Britain. I have always been fascinated by names and their origin. The group page is headed by a picture of an old map of the Plynlimon area of Wales and as I was looking at it I was reminded of a story I once heard about the giant of Plynlimon and his 3 daughters who were water nymphs. I looked it up and was delighted to find it on the internet. The story tells of how the giant nurtures his daughters as they grow until it is time for them to go out into the world and then they have to choose their respective paths. They are all very different and choose very different paths. They then go out into the world and become the 3 rivers that rise on Plynlimon, the Severn, the Wye and the Ystwyth . They all follow different paths but eventually get to the sea. This is the link for the story which is really beautiful.
A Tale of Three Rivers

We had planned to go out today and it was a lovely sunny autumn day, just right for a drive. Unfortunately I woke with the beginnings of a migraine so I decided to stay home in case it got worse. Tony had organised a lift to Hereford as his car is still off the road and Hubby was going to collect him this evening but, as we were not going out, I suggested he take our car. After lunch I began to feel much better, that rarely happens once I have started with head pain but today it did, but Tony was in Hereford with our car so we couldn’t go out. Instead I spent the afternoon planting some more bulbs and a couple of other plants. Chris called later and he and Hubby watched the grand prix together so it all ended up being a very pleasant afternoon.

Marg October 08, 2018

I like that idea that they all followed different paths but ended up in the same place eventually. Kind of a metaphor for life!

That was frustrating that you didn't get to go out when you felt better but good you got something from the afternoon after all!

edna million October 09, 2018

That FB group sounds really interesting - the UK has such great place names!

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