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Beware of the vicious. They come in different shapes and sizes. They can have the most soothing voices.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all of them are monsters. In fact, the majority of them are fellow humans. They look so harmless, so friendly. They can be so bloody convincing too.

I know. I’m done asking you all how to tell the difference. Sometimes it’s easy, other times hard. The vicious ones are also that sneaky.

The Vicious Signs

Don’t mistake them for someone gets angry oh-so-easily and openly, exploding like a cheap firework. They’re not always that vicious. Most of the time, they’re just hurt.

Beware of the cold, calm ones. You know, those who only smile at you and keep quiet – even after you’ve insulted them. Don’t be fooled. That doesn’t mean they’re always kind and patient. Well, they are actually quiet patient, despite the fact that you’re being such a jerk to them.

This doesn’t mean they put up with how others have mistreated them. They’re just silently waiting for the right moment…

…before the launch an attack, just for a payback.

They don’t even really need to tell you – or anyone for that matter – about how they truly, honestly, feel inside. They have a lot to hide. Behind that very nice and friendly, wide smile, lies a lot of spite.

You never know when it comes. You can never really tell. It only takes one strike – and then you’re done. Just like that.

There are precautions you can take, though. Perhaps you’ve never tried. Maybe you’re also doing it already, on a regular basis.

The Reasons For Being Vicious

Some people are vicious out of pure bitterness. They’ve been hurt and played around way too many bloody times. They receive so little or no sympathy from others at all. Still, they pay the bigger price from the works of the previously vicious ones.

“You’re too nice. That’s your problem.”

“You’re so stupid. You should’ve noticed.”

Because of all that, they’re slowly losing their faith. What’s the bloody point?

Others are vicious because they feel like it. They believe it’s the only way to make them feel strong, brave, and respected – even through fears.

The Precautions Against The Vicious

Being kind to people is still considered a safe option. Give them no reason to hurt you. Leave them no room to do so.

What if they still want you to suffer anyway? It’s them, not you. Whatever they say or do, it’s a reflection of them. Sounds familiar?

Either way, the vicious will always find a reason to hurt you. Reason? No, it’s more like, excuses. They feel the need to lash out at you, even if it’s actually their own displaced anger.

You can never really avoid them, no matter how hard you try. They only thing to do is be prepared if you happen to be their rage target, no matter how senseless that may sound to you.

Defend yourself. Do it best. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done them any harm.

They can be anyone you know, even those you actually love. You can only make sure one thing, though.

Try not to be one yourself. There are already way too many of the vicious kind.


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