"THE UNBELIEVABLES" in "WRITER@WORK: Stories From A Lone, Urban Girl"

  • Sept. 2, 2018, 3:42 a.m.
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People are amazing. Sometimes they can be so unbearable. How? Like I’ve mentioned earlier: their quick change of hearts. They can be one thing now and another the next, quite rapidly. It doesn’t matter if they claim to be consistent. This is also why we need to be careful when it comes to passing judgment.

Never say never. Don’t you dare claim that you always do what’s right. No hypocrisy, please. You’ll surprise yourself big time when it’s your turn to change. No joke here.

I don’t even want to start with politics. Let’s not even go there, shall we? If politics were a marriage, you’d find that almost everybody was a potential cheater – even you. That’s the truth.

How do you find a needle in a haystack? Even worse, what if it’s a giant pile of haystack?

Wait a minute. Why do you (feel the need to) do that? Is the needle really that important? Is it even worth all your limited spare time?

Sometimes you don’t need to look. Stop pushing your luck and yourself too. If the needle is really important, then believe it or not…it might turn up by itself. Perhaps there are two, three, or more needles in the haystack. Perhaps at least one of them turns up by accident.

What if one of them pricks you until you bleed? Will you curse at it or have regrets finding it?
At least you know. Just like people.

You think they’re that important, but it turns out that you never really matter to them. Just like those turning away from you after you’ve helped them. They make too many promises they can never really keep – and you end up, rather unwillingly, paying the price as well.

The worst part is how quick they turn away and escape from (what should be) their responsibilities. There are many other ways that they can choose, though, only if they want to.
They can pretend that it’s never their fault. They can say that you’re the one playing the victim and draining them out to dry. (Hey, why not to death instead? That should spare them the long agony!)

They can even blame you instead. It’s your fault for not making their dreams – and supposed to be yours too – come true. It’s your bloody fault for hoping too much on them, while it’s okay for them to demand so much more from you. They even act so damn entitled about it. Such a sickening double-standard. Then again, what else is new?


One of these days, staying still is probably the best option. Stop reaching out, not when they simply turn away and pretend that you’re not there. Like, at all.

Just. Stay. Still.

Wait for the next storm to come around.


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