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  • July 11, 2018, 10:30 a.m.
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Draining my brain of all the shit that is taking up valuable space but not contributing to my sanity in any way.

I am so tired of email! I leave it open, but I don’t check every message as it comes in. Special K emails me and then calls me immediately. Sometimes the email hasn’t even arrived. Sometimes she calls and I don’t answer and then she sends me an email and calls again. Everyone thinks their issues are priority and I am sorry, but calling to tell me that you are going on vacation, after I have already received three emails about it is not a priority. Believe me, I am counting the days to your vacation because it is like a vacation for me!

Exam…oy. I am trying to study for my certification and I feel so hopeless part of the time and confident part of the time. I wish they would just collide and I could feel ok about the whole thing. I got through one section last night when my computer decided it needed to update. Three hours later it was finally done. I am hoping to hit it hard today. Trying to clear up some immediate things and then I think I can get some more sections today. Would love to hit all the areas of “concern” but if I can get through even half, I can get through the others tonight.

9 to 5 - overall I love my job and the company I work for…on a whole. When you break it down…I hate people so much. if it is not Special K making my life miserable, it is Gla and if it’s not Gla then it is Special C. This time of year is stressful enough without compounding it with three people who make me want to commit crimes.

Ang was in town beginning on the 1st…I think it was the 1st. Anyway I guess she left yesterday. I don’t expect to hear from her for a long time. I didn’t go to the picnic on Saturday, which she texted me was on the 6th, which was Friday and I texted her that I could not make it on Friday because I had to work. She said that was a mistake, she was in a hurry and put the wrong date. So it begs the question, what I had shown up on Friday to find nobody there? Why didn’t she text me the correct date. She had almost a week to do it. Why didn’t she try to set up a one on one get together? We could have had dinner. She posted on Monday that she just realized “tomorrow is the 10th. I’m leaving tomorrow”. I think she did that to needle the people who didn’t drop everything to fit her schedule. Mind you, we are the ones working and she is on fucking vacation. Bitch.

Disaster. Every living space I have (home, work, car) are all a disaster. Nothing is settled with the studio. It is hotter than the devil’s ballsack in that room by the time I get home, so I cannot work in there. I do 90% of my errands on Saturday and Sunday mornings so by the time I get home and get stuff put away and deal with Cooper, it is afternoon and the sun is in perfect position to bake cookies in that room. I got through most of my closet this weekend. I have a couple of drawers to do before I move on to the dresser. After that I need to get the bathroom closet done and I need to go through the yarn bins. I don’t even want to think about storage. Every year that is going to be a project and every year I push it to later in the fall and then snow falls and I get out of it. The last thing I want to do is take time off to sit in a shed and sort through shit in the middle of summer and fire season. I would rather just throw it all out.

Random… I have not finished my FY18 filing. it is sitting on my cabinet and it would probably take about 1/2 hour to get done but I don’t want to do it. I want someone else to do it, perhaps a magical fairy who could come in at night and file it and clean up my office while he/she is at it. I have a little here, a little there. It is a disaster. I HATE all the paper! I wish we could move to a scan and store system. Scanning is probably the one thing our front desk person could do…provided you have step by step instructions. She is useless. Last week she was whitening her teeth at the front desk, Friday she was straightening her hair, yesterday she wore a backless sweatshirt with no bra. She still cannot do mail correctly. There are three of us who routinely resort the mail when she is done. Three people who make more in a day then she makes in a week.

I guess I should get started on adp. This is the last one at the current setup. I am going to tweak it for the new year. I changed how claims are entered mid year, but I didn’t want to throw everything prior off so I have been recalculating by hand and this is the last month I have to do that! Yay! After that I am going to try to get a section of certification done and then do last week’s provider summary/benchmarking.

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