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  • July 8, 2018, 8:36 a.m.
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It’s still incredibly hot. They are saying it’s the hottest summer since 1976. That was the year I swam in the Thames because the queue for the swimming pool was around the block. I was thinking this morning that it would be nice to go swimming today. We used to take the children regularly but haven’t swam for years, that’s if I can drag Hubby away from the TV, what with the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Grand Prix I hardly see him unless I watch too. I do enjoy Wimbledon but sadly Andy Murray isn’t playing this year.

I am a bit worried. I got up this morning, got dressed, went out into the garden to hang the washing, spoke to the neighbours, and then sat down for a little rest and looked down and noticed I still had my nightie on over my skirt. It’s one of those t shirt nighties so, as Hubby says, it’s likely no one noticed. But it’s not someone noticing that worried me so much as the fact that I did that. We had to put my mother-in-law in a home after she was found wandering in her nightie in the street!

It is so hot that you simply can’t do anything in the afternoons. Right now it is 12am and all of the neighbours are busy hoovering and tidying their gardens because in an hour or so we will all have to sit down inside with the fans on full blast.

The flowers in the garden are surpassing themselves, it must be the sunshine.
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alt text
My Samaritan rose. They were originally sold as a fundraiser with £1 from each going to Samaritans. I thinks it’s now my favourite and it has a beautiful scent too.

This is my garden swing, it didn’t cost a penny, I got the frame from the local Freecycle and the cushions are from our old sofa that we threw out last year. It’s a great place to flop down on when I’ve finished the watering in the evening.
alt text

toddslife July 08, 2018

nice photos

KissOfLife! July 09, 2018

The flowers look stunning!
30+ degrees is nothing to us Aussies, but the Brits would really be feeling it!

Marg July 09, 2018

I'm so jealous of your swing - looks perfect for these lovely hot days we've been having!
I am only active in the afternoon at the moment so have no choice but to go out then or I'll miss the sun. I'm not finding that a hardship though!
Very disconcerting when we find ourselves doing odd things - hopefully it was just a lapse and just the result of a busy mind😊

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