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  • June 13, 2018, 11:37 p.m.
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Yes, yes, yes, I’m falling behind and feeling like the White Rabbit, checking her watch and trying to keep up. So much, so much and I don’t know where I left off and I’ve no time to go back and check so forgive if I repeat.

I am startled and deeply concerned over the seemingly reckless trust placed in a foe. Our president is alienating traditional allies and embracing traditional enemies. I am not so quick to trust the assurance of the leader of a country with the following history (copy & paste from facebook):
1985: North Korea signs Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty
📌 1992: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program!
📌 1994: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program!
📌 1999: North Korea signs historic agreement to end missile tests
📌 2000: North Korea signs historic agreement to reunify Korea! Nobel Peace Prize is awarded
📌 2005: North Korea declares support for “denuclearization” of Korean peninsula
📌 2005: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program and “denuclearize”!
📌 2006: North Korea declares support for “denuclearization” of Korean peninsula
📌 2006: North Korea again support for “denuclearization” of Korean peninsula
📌 2007: North Korea signs historic agreement to halt nuclear program!
📌 2007: N & S Korea sign agreement on reunification
📌 2010: North Korea commits to ending Korean War
📌 2010: North Korea announces commitment to “denuclearize”
📌 2010: North Korea again announces commitment to “denuclearize”
📌 2011: North Korea announces plan to halt nuclear and missile tests
📌 2012: North Korea announces halt to nuclear program
📌 2015: North Korea offers to halt nuclear tests
📌 2016: North Korea again announces support for “denuclearization”

So I leave it there and will say no more. I pray for peace but do not put my faith in it. I’ve been taking a mini-Trump break, avoiding the nightly news. It’s been nice. Peaceful.

But I did notice something odd. The Game Show channel offers mindless fun (I like the trivia shows) but the ads are the most depressing string of moans you ever saw. There you are, watching the out-of-town couple in the Cash Cab and some of their answers have been hilarious and they’re down two strikes and almost at their destination and you’re rooting for them because they’re cute and young and they probably need the money, and then WHAM! The ads appear and you are suddenly plunged into visuals of maimed animals in cages, and shivering dogs in corners and shackled dogs in dirty yards and all happy thoughts just faded away. The next ad brings us Naimbo, a starving child from Africa and after that, it’s the endangered wildcats, and then it is children with cleft palates and all the grisly images.

It just strikes me as odd that such sad topics are aired on a mindless fun channel. And before any newbies call me heartless, know that I work 40+ hours for free for a non-profit that helps others and I put my money where my heart is.

My husband has been working out of town for the past three weeks, coming home on weekends. This is not terribly unusual these days as we are in with a company that is building dental offices all over the state. I do not cook much while he’s gone and use the time to double down on dieting, eating when I want and making simple meals. I’m able to get a lot of the non-profit work done, the house stays clean, I sleep in the middle of the bed with the ceiling fan OFF, and I skip the evening news. I don’t like taking out the trash and the recycle boxes, but manage okay using a dolly to cart them down to the end of the driveway.

Did I tell you we won two prizes from the fundraiser? It meant an additional $4500! There’s one more prize still to be announced.

The trip to Norway is rescheduled for April 2019 to celebrate my husband’s 70th birthday and our (partial) retirements. The kids had too many work conflicts for this year. If it happens again, we’ll just go with eldest son.

There’s other stuff I’m sure I should tell you, but I can’t remember, so I’ll close here and head off to bed.

Chic Chat June 14, 2018

Those commericals always get me too. Unfortunately, I try my best at not being a part of the animal problem and I over feed people and make them take goodie bags home.

Yay! How exciting about the extra grant money. Your hard work has come full circle. Congratulations!

Shattered June 14, 2018

Good news on the extra money! Norway sounds so exciting. Hope you can take some time soon to relax.

Ferret Mom June 14, 2018

I hate those ads with the graphic images of animal abuse.

a mote, floating June 14, 2018

Congrats on the prizes!
I left a long comment about my activism on GW's 6/13 post -- it helps me maintain my sanity. I also take breaks when needed. Jen Hofmann has a wonderful post on self-care for these times:

Not having a TV can be an advantage; I've done without since May 2011. The ads during online programs are different.

Praying for peace here, too. And for rule of law.

middle age pearl June 15, 2018

I'm right there with you on the "shock" ads that are inserted into shows that completely catch one off guard. I'm neither heartless much less cruel, however when they sip in those types of ads, it makes me mad and none of my giving will ever go them. The whiny pitiful voice of the abused animals takes the cake for shameful to me. AND I know the monies received hardly ever goes to help the animals. I'd have a whiny voice too for a plea for money if it was going into my pocket. ;)

ConnieK middle age pearl ⋅ June 15, 2018

When I see that leopard limping around with the bear trap around its paw, I wonder why the cameraman doesn't do something. Then I remember: it's all staged.

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