Blocks , books and chambers in I got in.

  • June 13, 2018, 9:36 a.m.
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So the goal is to get us all up to speed with blocks and chambers. we did this second orientation (and they really should call this orientation week or something because all class sessions are being called intro periods for six days and saturday is one of them. a bunch of teachers spoke and then the dean. there were some other girls that came into the class sessions but they didn’t say anything, they just stood behind whoever was speaking (I guess they are how we are supposed to be once we’re not not so green?) either way, the bias is kinda real here. they’re all super long legged, dreamy face, long thin fingers, long flowing locks, like I dont get this. me jamilla and everybody are looking up and gagging like sure we’ll ascend in this place, but that wont change what I look like, unless ascension means i gotta stop buying flaming hots and break up with lil debbie. these chicks don’t even talk. anyways going to period 2 and i’m told that acoustics is where we get our tablets, and intro blocks. freebies=any tool they give you at the beginning of the year that helps you skate through the rest of it, kyle says. i’m always looking for freebies. and as much as it cost to go to this stupid school, i’m expecting quite a few!

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