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Before Seasons comes out this month I wanted to do an update on all my characters in case there’s a new world where I can have a new character who will be showcased in my review of the expansion. As I’ve said previously I only play one character/family per world so I have 7 active households right now. There are 8 worlds but one of them is just a shopping district.

I know it sounds awful but I only play females. I have to be able to be able to identify with my Sims as I play them all as if they were me and I can’t identify with male Sims. They aren’t banned from my worlds. Three of my girls are straight (two are dating and one is married). One is bi, one is asexual, one is gay, and one is happiest by herself with her dog as her trusty companion.

First up Patricia Starling from Windenburg. She has been doing A LOT of gardening in her spare time. I've finally finished writing everyone's household description so here is Pat's (I'll share everyone else's household descriptions too throughout this entry, I wrote all of them except the one for Fran as that comes directly from Maxis in the early 2000s):

"Patricia is settled in her ways. She likes her home and her life just so. She loves her girlfriend deeply but Patricia doesn't want to share her space. She knows she'll be with Maaike for the rest of her life but being a police officer isn't easy and Maaike understands that having a space that is just hers is immensely important. Patricia is always working to make the world a better place."

With all that gardening she managed to grow a Forbidden Fruit Tree. Why is it forbidden? Because when you eat the fruit you become a Plant Sim! I was very disappointed with how lack luster they made PlantSims compared to older versions (my fave will always be The Sims 2 PlantSims). Besides the leaves and pollen normal Sims and PlantSims are almost the same.

Patricia has been promoted many times in her law enforcement career and now she's the Chief of Police! She runs the whole place and keeps a well oiled machine running smoothly.

She also knows how to kick back and have a good time. She's been taking A LOT of camping vacations. Sometimes alone (so she can fish in peace and solitude) and sometimes she'll bring her best friend Eva or her girlfriend, Maaike along for the ride.

Rana finally got a pregnant Sim to show up at her job so she was able to get promoted! For the longest time there was a glitch where it would say I needed to deliver a baby but no one would show up in labour. Delivering a baby was the only way to get promoted. Here Rana is confidently soothing the mother to be as she guides her to the delivery room.

I will admit I was disappointed with the delivery. Instead of it looking even remotely like a real delivery the pregnant mom undergoes surgery where her heart is pulled out (what does that have to do with labour???) and has glue squirted into her mid-section. Those are the animations for the regular surgery and they were too lazy to create something different for giving birth.

Rana is sometimes shocked by how people react so oddly to just looking in their eyes with a small light. She lives and works in Willow Creek. Rana's household description:

"Rana is a bright and engaging woman who wants nothing more than to help as many sick people as she can. She's friendly to everyone she meets and is known for her absolutely wonderful bedside manner. She has a loyal feline companion named Tabitha. Besides her career Rana doesn't know what she wants or who she wants. Will she ever settle down?"

Every time Rana came home her cat, Tabitha, would greet her with hugs and nuzzles.

Rana spends time on her own writing in her journal. It helps her blow off steam.

Ryan Clemson from San Myshuno (the only city in the game so far with apartments for rent instead of houses). I picked "unflirty" because it was the closest to asexual as I could get.

"Ryan recently came out as asexual and it's been hard on her. She lost most of her friends and unfortunately her parents are both dead so she has no support system. She moved to San Myshuno to start again and maybe find some real friends. Can she find a group of friends that will accept and support her? Or will she give in to society and be someone's partner?"

Ryan's wadrobe

Ryan has a little hedgehog friend named Thimble. He is super cute and makes these adorable noises when he's happy. So far he's run away once on an adventure and sent Ryan a post card. I'm not even kidding. Your rodents can take random vacations of their own free will and they send postcards back to their human companions. You can display the cards on its cage.

So far Ryan has met two amazing ladies named Penny Pizzazz and Miko Ojo.

When she's not working as a computer programmer, spending time with her new friends, or at home enjoying time with Thimble Ryan can be found in the Spice district of San Myshuno busking with her violin. She's been playing since she was a young child and quite good.

Belladonna Blackbyrne is my vampire character that I am totally in love with. Recently I decided to change some of her clothes. The one on the left is her old formal outfit and the one on the right is her new one. Household description: "Belladonna can't remember her human life. She doesn't know where she comes from or even who her parents were (assuming they'e dead)."

"Her first memory is waking up inside of a coffin in a dusty old house. She assumed it was hers and has made it her home in the village of Forgotten Hollow. She has no idea what she wants to do with her undead life and with no memories of who she was it's hard to figure that out. She enjoys being a vampire despite the memory loss and wants to drink from the cup of unlife."

Belladonna works in the scientist career but she's a musical genius so she needs to play and create music or she gets upset. So far she really likes the organ (that was there in the house when she awoke) and the badass guitar from the Grim Reaper himself.

One of Bella's good friends (outside of her best friend, Bella Goth) is the Marquise Von Carpathia. I haven't played with vampires much outside of Belladonna so when I saw the Marquise roaming around her mansion like this I thought it was hilarious. Bella walks like a normal Sim but I could choose this as her default walking style if I wanted to..

Because of her scientist career Belladonna had a chance to visit a whole new planet. I'm sure once I do a more in depth update on her that you'll get to see that.

Darla Joyville from Oasis Springs. I decided to restart Darla's story with a different guy. Her previous husband didn't really suit her and wasn't super helpful with children. Her new husband is Cristian Dolan and they got married at the same place I had Darla and Paolo Rocca get married; The Bluffs in Windenburg. Household description:

"Darla wants a big family. She wants to end up surrounded by dozens of grandchildren. She's artistic and loves her work but can be a bit flighty at times. Darla comes from simple country stock (raised on a ranch) but she thinks there's more to life. She and her husband Cristian just had twins so her life is on track. Will it stay that way with how big a family they want?"

I had not used this before and I thought it was really neat looking. It's a buffet table with a punch bowl on top. These are two separate items and can be combined together like this or used separately. So much better than buffet tables in previous versions of the game.

Cristian and Darla's twins; Theo and Daisy.

When Darla has had enough of her kids and husband she heads to the spa for a mudbath, massage, and healthy refreshing drinks offered at Perfect Balance Spa.

Fran Foofaraw is a character from The Sims for console that was released in 2003. She was also seen in The Sims Bustin' Out which was my favourite console version of The Sims. Someone decided to remake her for TS4 and at first I had her in the custom content that was created to look like her original hair and outfit. Sadly it's not great quality and the skirt is too short.

I prefer to use only high quality CC in my game and I don't use much of it. I decided to ditch her old look and delete all the low-quality crap she was in. Her personality is still the same but I feel her look is a bit more updated and looks better with good quality EA content. Her original household description by Maxis in 2003 (with a couple tweaks from me):

"Fran is a girl who likes to go all the way... all the way to your house for a fun party, that is! Active, cheerful, alluring, and outgoing, Fran is a total Scorpio! Her favourite colour is yellow, and she loves to travel, talk about the 60s, and hang out with her many friends! Once you get her talking, it's hard to make her stop! She lives in the new suburb of Newcrest."

Fran's CC hair.

Fran's CC skirt.

Fran's CC shirt.

Fran's CC shoes.

Fran with one of her friends (she has A LOT), Siobhan Fyres.

I wanted a small but funky looking house like we had back in The Sims for console days. The houses back then were always a bit outlandish and not something you would see in real life. I found this one on Mod The Sims and did a fair bit of redecorating and (a lot of) renovating. If you want to use the original and add your own touch here's the download thread.

A warning though the inside of my house looks NOTHING like the one on that thread. I basically demolished the inside and turned it into a one bedroom upstairs. I will probably post photos of all the rooms inside the house in a future update. Too much to get to right now!

Another one of Fran's friends is party-girl Dina Caliente. Dina will go on later to have an affair with Mortimor Goth after his wife, Bella, gets abducted by aliens. She lives in Oasis Springs with her sister Nina (who ends up marrying Bella Goth's brother Michael), her mother Katrina, and Don Lothario (who ends up having an affair with Bella Goth before her abduction).

Kara from Brindleton Bay. In the photo below she's going off to work in the Animal Care career that I also downloaded from Mod The Sims. I don't normally download careers but I made an exception because Cats & Dogs didn't offer a real career in animal care (except an owned business that I find frustrating). I downloaded one for Sims that doesn't involve being a vet.

Animal Career.

"Kara looks like a badass. Kara is a badass. She knows it. The whole town knows it. What people don't know is that self-assured lady has the heart of gold for all animals and wants to devote her life to being a veterinarian and running her own practice. She likes the quiet life with her own animals. She just wants her little corner to heal pets and be happy surrounded by them."

Kara has one friend outside of her dog, Justice. Her name is Catarina Lynx and she has three cats and a kitten. Despite having different animals and lifestyles these Sims get along very well. Until I took this photo I had no idea you could just eat a bowl of peas on their own.

Justice decided to go out exploring while Kara was at work (have I mentioned how much I HATE not being able to really control these damn things?). She stumbled on a pile of dead fish and thought it would be a good idea to roll around in them. Kara had to come home after a long day cleaning out kennels and had to bathe the dog. Just like Mocha!

Every night before bed Kara takes Justice on a long walk around the town. I do wish we had other options besides a flexi-lead. These things are dangerous and 99% of owners don't know how to use them properly. They are the bane on the dog community.

That's it for now! Until next time, happy simming!

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