Chef, exhaustion, tendonitis in A New Journey

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Well I am back after working 9 days at Ridley’s Flower Shop, one thing I truly enjoyed working as delivering flowers to all those Mom’s and seeing their faces with Love when they see the pretty flowers that were being delivered to them and not knowing who it was from! I surely love seeing their faces of Love, laughter, crying, one wanted me to stay and visit for a while but I couldn’t as I was on the clock to get them delivered ASAP!

SO my Mother’s Day was nice until I went home with exhaustion and hurting as I had unfortunately pulled my tendon in my groin area, ouchie let me tell you, with all the walking and once I got back we had to clean up all the mess as I had to climb on top of a huge freezer to put away some big boxes and shelves for next year, as I was pulling up a heavy shelf I felt a big pull in my groin area, I literally could not walk or even climb down but I did.
AS I got home, I was so tired, I fell asleep and closed my door of my bedroom, left my Dakota out of my room as I was planning to let her in later that evening. I unfortunately fell asleep and woke up at 3:30am with my phone having 13 phone calls and 22 text messages, 10 snapchats from Chef, my son Chef was in another car accident Sunday night, I had gotten a video of his car totaled… I nearly fell apart, but I was able to call him back and he told me he was OK, and he had fell asleep behind the wheel on his way home after putting in over 95 hours at work that week. Now here is the thing as some of your remember 10 days prior his accident he was in another car accident when his hood flew off and shattered his windows, he went out and bought a new car, a 2015 ( I think that the year) Honda Civic SI, he only had his new car for 6 days, and now its totaled. I am so THANKFUL he is alive, he told me when he crashed he felt something on his shoulders and he had a big chill, he felt his hairs on his arms up, so he feels his Bro JJ ( who was murdered in New Mexico) was comforting him. I totally feel his angel was watching over him at that moment!

SO here is another thing, that air bag saved his life, and I have to truly Thank my father as he holds the patent for life as he is the one that designed machines back in late 1980 to be installed in all cars, he fought all cars to have airbags to save a life! Of course my father has helped other company to design better ones since 1980 and my father is very well known for his work in Car Industry!

I was very upset that Rocket didn’t come home and tell me what happened with Chef, but he made a choice to stay at his girl friend house as he had been drinking so his girl friend gay parents took his keys and wouldn’t let him come home, so I am Thankful for that, and I was upset at myself that I didn’t open my door or Dakota would have woken me up when my phone rings, I unfortunately took my cochlear implant processors off as I was so tired and wanted some peace and quiet!! I totally regret that now!!

My son Chef is ok and not sore at all but he might have some after effect injuries later in life, but my Dr was telling me they have seen research that once you fall asleep on the wheel your body totally calms down and once in a crash your muscles does not tense up, so his injuries were protected by the airbags to save his life! HE was very lucky ANGELS looking out for him.

SO my exhaustion got the best of out me with work, worries, crying the last few days, I did see my DR yesterday and I am on order of total rest for a few days and physical therapy for my groin tendonitis. I Slept like a baby last night, with Dakota on my bed!!

SO Thankful my son is alive!!

We are waiting for his insurance to pay off his car loans and he will be able to get his car repaired as he has full coverage. I was going to go down to Texas to see him but he told me not to do it and to wait til I go down in June. I miss my boy, he will always be my baby for life, even tho he is my 3rd child!!

This also was a wake up call for Chef and even Rocket, Chef is going to try to cut his hours, but unfortunately being a restaurant Chef Supervisor you work many hours!! He always gets to work at 6am and a lot of times doesn’t leave work until around 11pm with one hour break in the middle of afternoon! That is restaurant business, I am trying to convince him to go back to school for computer Science Tech! HE would have more time with family in that field!!

I miss my CHEF!!


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