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  • April 16, 2018, 10:32 a.m.
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I have some sort of nervous energy today. I am not sure if it is from doing all the culling at the house and online or if it is just the opposite of what Mondays usually are. Or it could be that I have all this stuff on a merry-go-round in my brain and it just keeps getting faster and faster.

Yesterday was a waste of a day even though I got some stuff done, it still feels like a total wasted day. Stupid matinee games! I did get two cards done though. I have about fourteen due for May! It is the worst month for me other than Christmas. Mother’s Day, three birthdays, plus graduations. Plus some early June birthdays. UGH! Then I recover financially from that in time for July license plates. Then more birthdays in August. Plus I am still trying to get through this third section of certification and it is dragging. I just can’t get focused. I am only half way through and that does not even include studying for the certification. I need to do a practical and exam today…hopefully.

Work is at that point in the month where it is just little things trying to finish prior month. So I am basically in a holding pattern this week waiting for the last of March to come in. Plus my counterpart is taking yet another vacation. She miraculously seems to schedule these at quarter ends, which means if she is not here and prior month comes in, I am stuck doing it. It sucks. It sucks because I always try to schedule time I take off so that nobody will have to “cover” for me. I make sure I get everything I can done before I leave. I do need to take a vacation though. I have so much time built up, but I just can never seem to find the time to take a week. Also, I don’t want to take a week off just to spend it cleaning and going through crap in storage. That is not my idea of a vacation. Would love to take a couple of days and get away though. Not sure where, but someplace I can be alone and still have something to do. But again, with May and June, finances are not as readily available to spend on hotel and food and shopping. Perhaps I should just use that stupid gift certificate to the “hot springs” with zero wifi and zero television and zero a/c and nothing but the fucking country. So basically a very spendy trip to my version of hell.

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