Phone Sexin' in NSFW

  • April 9, 2018, 12:48 a.m.
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I love phone sex. Love it. And I feel like it’s very underrated in a world where you can just text, send an image, or video chat. To me, phone sex tops them all. I’m too self-conscious to relax enough and cum in front of anyone else, so the phone is ideal.

There is nothing like listening to a man’s low growls and deep moans as I tell him how tight and wet I am for him. I enjoy being told what to do - how I should touch myself, what toy(s) I should use, how deep and fast I should use them. Both of us getting urgent in our need for release. Listening to his quick breaths, which become more sporadic and forced the closer he gets, before that final pause, and the primal, deep and loud moans of his release come. I quickly follow suit, coming undone with the sounds of his orgasm.

I so enjoy listening to a man cum. If I could have phone sex every night, I would. It adds that extra element to touching myself.

xx Lacey

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