Weddings are not for the weak in Wedding bells and other nonsense

  • March 13, 2018, 8:46 a.m.
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Why didn’t we elope seems the theme of this month. Weddings are balls of stress that when you take a person who suffers from anxiety already and add them to the mix..

There is so much involved, like invitations. Seriously why are they so much damn money and why does it matter if they are foil backed or not.
That is my recent stress trying to track down how many family members are coming so I know how many invitations to order, also we have a list A, B , C.

A is family and very close friends, B is close family friends and co wokers, C for a better description are people we will invite only if there’s space

We are looking at 250 people so a big wedding, and for two introverts one who has social anxiety (me) that is a bit terrifying

However my parents are fronting the money so this has become as much their show as mine, but my mom bought me my dream dress which was a lot cheaper than either of us expected, let me do a photo booth, and agreed to the cookie and sweets bar we want to set up.

We finished paying our honeymoon off, 6 nights and seven days in Riveria Maya, Mexico. We snagged a fantastic deal right after the holidays with
All inclusive 5 star resort, junior swim up suite. We booked a couples massage for one day and chose two activities. Snorkling and swimming with dolphins.

I am continuing to lose weight, I am 153 pounds so 75 pounds down from 228 pounds. My goal is 130 by my wedding hopefully I can do it, but either way I feel so much better and am excited to go shopping for honeymoon things, all the pretty dresses and a bikini. I have not work a bikini since I was 22 years old.

I turn 40 in April, what a way to close my thirties. Lost a crapton of weight, got a job I love, and I am marrying my best friend.

InHisGrip March 13, 2018

Weddings are super stressful! Hang in there though - I had a great time at my wedding, I hope you do too! The honeymoon sounds awesome.


Pies on a Carousel March 14, 2018

Sounds intense. I can't imagine 250 people.

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