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  • March 5, 2018, 11:38 a.m.
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It certainly is a Monday! I wanted to stay in bed a little longer this morning (cooler weather), but got up to get ready for my pedicure appointment, only to find out an hour later that the appointment is for TOMORROW Alrighty then! Guess I’ve got a jump on the day, which is probably a good thing. I have a magazine article to submit, an appointment to make, laundry, and non-profit stuff to do on top of the usual business paperwork and household chores.

One incoming call was welcome news. I am no longer a witness in a murder trial! This goes back nearly a year, when my younger brother, Bruce, was dying. We were driving back & forth to Tampa on a daily basis, so would roll in after dark, have a quick supper, and fall into bed.

I awoke one morning, rolled up the shade, and saw my dead-end street cordoned off with police tape and at least a dozen policemen standing over a dead body on my neighbor’s lawn!

After several months of answering questions and wondering why there was such a ruckus on our quiet little street, it turned out that it was a man who lived a couple of subdivisions away. He’d bought opioids from a dealer at the gas station down the street, walked into our neighborhood and died in the wee hours of the morning.

The police used the gas station camera footage to charge the dealer with murder. So the District Attorney’s office is ready to go to trial and served everyone on our street with a subpoena. He was on a fishing expedition and I explained, several times, that we did not hear or see anything. So they finally called this morning to tell me we are both excused. Bizarre.

Work is exploding again. They say we’re headed toward another recession. If so, this feels like the boom before the bust, so I’m trying to be prepared. Rather than spending freely, I’m getting ahead on mortgage payments (we like to keep a year ahead in case one or the other dies…takes pressure off the surviving spouse) and adding to my retirement account. I start collecting Social Security in October. Can’t wait!

My husband will never fully retire, but I do hope to slow him down a little. I appreciate that he’s a hard worker, but it’s taking a toll and he needs to do more puttering around. He wants to, he’s just not that good at it. So we are closing our doors in February 2019 and my husband will work under our son’s business, which works out perfectly for all parties.

Son is happy to have his dad at his beck and call and won’t worry if work becomes slack or if he’s strapped for cash temporarily because we are not dependent on the extra income. Not that it’s not nice to have a paycheck, but if he needs us to wait, we can wait. My husband is happy because he will still work but not as much, and I’m happy because I will see him resting more.

I got an e-mail from my stepmother who lives on the New England coast: “Yes, the weather here has been crazy, but we are ok and just REALLY impatient for spring. The high tides from the big weekend storm were potentially dangerous, though luckily we did not have water in our house. And best of all, only momentary power loss. We did have a front row seat, though, to see Motif #1 partially under water, and amazing objects - including a Porta Potty, sail by our windows. The wind gusts are still raging up to 60 mph, and another snow storm is forecast for Wednesday. Oh well… I watch the news clips from Red Sox spring training - all that sunshine and the fans in shorts - and think of you! “

The weather here has been lovely: low humidity, crisp blue skies, soft coastal breezes, and daytime temperatures in the mid 70s. Nights cool down into the mid 60s, perfect for sleeping!

It looks like the Norway trip is ON! It will cost a small fortune to fly first class, but an 8 to 9 hour flight will be hard enough on me as it is. I’m excited to be going, though! I have to do some research on places to visit (we will be going to Tromso for the northern lights, Oslo, and Bergen, but there will be time for more).

Well, it was fun chatting, but I must go. I wish you all a happy, productive week!

GypsyWynd March 05, 2018

We're a little cooler over on this side. 60's mainly.
Talked to Scott on Sat, they got almost 2 ft of snow on Fri.
Glad your husband will finally be taking it easier.

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ March 05, 2018

You're a bit further north so I'm not surprised. Your old hometown probably gets a lot of lake effect snow, I would think. Time will tell if retirement really does happen or not! LOL!

GypsyWynd ConnieK ⋅ March 06, 2018

Yes, it sure does.

middle age pearl March 05, 2018

"Retired" is a tricky word. I can say that with conviction. lol

ConnieK middle age pearl ⋅ March 05, 2018

Hi, Pearl! And, yes, I'm finding that my retirement years are not looking at all as I'd envisioned. Life sure can throw curve balls, can't it?

a mote, floating March 05, 2018

Got down into the 30s here last night, and we'll have a few more like that later in the week. Yay for the Norway trip -- and for being excused from being a witness! You certainly had enough to deal with then.

That quasi-retirement is nice. Good flexibility. Glad your family in New England is coming fine through those Nor'easters.

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ March 05, 2018

I've no idea what the temp was here last night but I do know that I turned on the mattress warmer! I went back & forth on Norway, but in the end decided I didn't want to look back and rue the fact that I could have gone but didn't. There was nothing I could add to the court case. I don't know that prosecuting dealers for murder is the answer when Big Pharma caused this mess. Stepmother's husband is in his 90s with Parkinson's, but do they evacuate? Nope. Yankee stoicism. It's been there since the 1800s, so I guess they were as safe there as anywhere.

a mote, floating ConnieK ⋅ March 06, 2018

I think you made the right choice on Norway. I was just telling someone yesterday that I was so thankful I took the trips I did, when I did.

Wranglingal March 05, 2018

Glad you don't have to deal with the trial! Sounds like a nice vacation will give you some much needed time together!!

ConnieK Wranglingal ⋅ March 06, 2018

Our family vacations have become more important to all of us since Nick passed away.

WildflowerHeart March 06, 2018

I’m glad you got that phone call! I’d love that weather you are having.

ConnieK WildflowerHeart ⋅ March 06, 2018

Me, too! Weather is supposed to get colder, which I guess I can't complain, considering what others are going through.

a mote, floating March 10, 2018

PS: Saw this and thought of you, in case you haven't already seen it.

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ March 10, 2018

Done. Shared on facebook, as well.

a mote, floating ConnieK ⋅ March 10, 2018

Thanks! *Thumbs up*

Marg March 12, 2018

Lovely news about the trip to Norway and also being excused in the court case😊 I agree with you that the real responsibility for that murder lies with Big Pharma but of course that would be impossible to get them to admit that so they have to go after whoever's next in line😕

Retirement is always a tricky business but sounds like you have a well thought out plan!

ConnieK Marg ⋅ March 12, 2018

Ah, but the best laid (retirement) plans of mice and men often go astray! :) All I can do is plan as carefully as I can, but there is also a chance it still won't be sufficient. Hopefully, I've planned well.

Going after Big Pharma is not impossible. They said the same on Big Tobacco and they settled with the state on that. There is now a fund for cancer patients.

Marg ConnieK ⋅ March 12, 2018

Really? I did not know that.

ConnieK Marg ⋅ March 12, 2018

A partial description of the settlement via Wikipedia: "the companies agreed to curtail or cease certain tobacco marketing practices, as well as to pay, in perpetuity, various annual payments to the states to compensate them for some of the medical costs of caring for persons with smoking-related illnesses. The money also funds a new anti-smoking advocacy group, called the Truth Initiative, that is responsible for such campaigns as The Truth."

Marg ConnieK ⋅ March 16, 2018

Wow that's impressive!

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