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  • Feb. 24, 2018, 4:21 p.m.
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The week is finally over. I made a mail run and got in a few minutes ago. Always nice to get my truck out for a while, put on Sirius/XM, set the cruise control, and just enjoy the drive.
Most of the crunchy white shit is gone, but the temperatures are still low. There’s plenty I want to do around the house, but the temps are a bit de-motivating. I am at least able to make a game plan.
So my doctor took me off Ambien and put me on Seroquel for sleep. I think I’m still adapting to it, but so far it’s okay. It’s not great, and I’m still not getting the kind of sleep that I’d like to be getting, but it’s working better than the Ambien did. It does leave me fairly groggy when I first get up in the morning, but with a steady schedule, I’m not having as much issue as I did at first. I’m also able to sleep later on the weekends than I was able to with Ambien, which is nice. However, I have to be careful about how late I stay up, because unlike Ambien, even a routine schedule doesn’t have me feeling ready for bed at a decent hour. Truth told, I’ve been up until 4am a couple times since I changed pills.
Yesterday was pretty interesting. I got to one job way out in the foothills, and by the time I’d made contact with the customer and unloaded my tools, a pretty good snow storm set in. I’ll not deny that I love the landscapes around here when it snows, and I really wish I’d had my DSLR with me at that job, but I hate trying to do anything in the snow. It got bad enough that I actually got stuck (work truck is only a 2 wheel drive) trying to leave the customer’s house. Took me a few tries of running up the hill and the ass end sliding out before I finally said “fuck it”, got a slow running start, and just kept steering into the slide to get out. The tires on that truck are great for turf and rain, but they absolutely suck in the snow. And I was pretty much all over the rural part of the county, so the fact I did that with 7 stops and never got behind and still finished by 5 made me a little proud of myself. Although getting stuck had me cussing a bit.
We’ll see what happens for the rest of the day, as it’s 2:20pm now, but the pets seem to think that I need to be plastered to the couch with them. I am somewhat inclined to agree.

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