January Thaw in General

  • Jan. 12, 2018, 8:30 p.m.
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The January Thaw is a thing here in new England. It gives people hope that being frozen alive isn’t actually going to happen.

Usually sometime in the middle of January the temperature goes up and the rain comes down. It clears the roofs, and the streets. Just before the Winter Warlock comes screaming back to make the correction.

The day before yesterday I started feeling under the weather. Then yesterday morning I realized I was running a fever. I checked and I was at 101F. I was coughing. My nose was running like a faucet. And I was achy.

Pretty much checked off the flu checklist.

And I was supposed to go flying. I drank lemon tea, took advil. At noon I called it and texted my instructor. The “bro code” in aviation is that when you are sick, you don’t spread it around.

Gawd. This fucking winter.

Last night was a bit miserable, running hot and cold all night.

I did get my flu shot this year. And this has been a much more mild version than I have had in the last few years. So maybe it helped.

I stumbled upon a miracle online.

I was looking for something to decrease flu symptoms.
I came across this serum. Green tea, lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar, ground ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and raw honey.

It tastes like mulled cider and made me feel better immediately.

What I didn’t expect was its effect on my skin. I have had eczema and atopic dermatitis since I was a baby. It gets worse during winter.

I play whack a mole with hydrocortisone all winter long.

48 hours after I started drinking that concoction all of my rashes disappeared. Literally disappeared.

I’m going to keep that up.

I should be up for breakfast with the boys on Sunday. And Up for flying on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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