Friday in 2018

  • Jan. 12, 2018, 8:29 p.m.
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why does it feel so lonely ? I try to stay positive and tell myself there is so many good things to focus on . Yet , why do I feel so alone , like there isn’t a single person that can understand me .
2017 was such a disaster , it felt as if everything I had been building and working so hard for , the last 4 years , was slowly being snatched away from me , one by one .
Life used to feel great once upon a time , I had a on-paper-perfect boyfriend , I was on the rise at work , getting a promotion each year .
Fast forward to present day , I am reaching my 30’s, single , got a demotion at work due to downsizing and restructuring , and those are only the apparent things on the surface . My family has completely broken apart in the past 2 years . I have no idea where I am headed.
As an young adult , I remember every time something went wrong I always told myself , “at least it’s better than your childhood ” , these days I ask myself , is it really better though ?

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