bandage changes & mom & dads trip so far in 30's

  • Jan. 12, 2018, 5:04 p.m.
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Been getting consistent bandage changes, every day this week. They thought there was possible infection so a swab was collected. Since then I’ve been gradually improving. I’m now at the point I’d say I’m 90% better but I can’t put a darn shoe on yet. I am able to do a lot of things now though… gave the kids their first bath in 2-ish weeks last night (florins been taking all the baths) etc. Minimum pain, the worst being after bandage changes.
Sunday I took Adam with me to get the dressing changed. Jas had hip hop & so buddy came with me. He was SO sweet. The nurse said he was very charming. Adam was concerned for me (in a positive way) & kept asking if things were hurting. Very caring sweet boy <3. The next day I came back for another change & Adam didn’t want to go with me so that was ok but the nurse was wondering where he was & said she told everyone at the hospital how sweet he was lol.
i had to stop this entry earlier & continue from car while florin gets a gift card & card for a baby i’m going to see today
Mom & Dad are gone on a trip now from… i’m trying to remember when they left… tuesday? till the 30th. they came over monday night to visit. they called yesterday, they’d been flying from minot to miami (they like to spend a night in minot prior to flying to make sure they catch connecting flights) they got stuck in a storm & couldn’t land so got taken to i forget the name (something lake) to minneapolis where they had to spend the night with no clothes :/ they’re flying to miami today.

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