Boston Trip, Part Eight in Day by Day

  • Nov. 18, 2017, 6:15 p.m.
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Day Eight (Saturday) was less hectic than anticipated. Flight plans changed and we had extra time on our hands so we went to the Museum of Fine Arts until 1:30,

alt text

alt text

alt text

I loved John Singer Sargeant paintings. We have this print hanging over our fireplace. I always joked that it was the only way I’d ever get girls in the house.

alt text


alt text

I loved the realism in this

alt text

Drummer boy

alt text

Eddie Murphy? No…it’s called “The Bone Player”

alt text

The Colgate family. None of them smiled so I couldn’t see if their teeth were nice

alt text

Some things to drool over

alt text

alt text

alt text

This dollhouse was SO intricate!

alt text

After our quick tour of the Museum of Fine Arts, we drove to Logan airport in plenty of time to return the rental car and check in. And yes, we stopped at Legal Seafood for one last lobster roll.

alt text

Now I am at my desk, tallying up charges, paying bills, returning business calls and wishing I was wealthy enough to travel more! (And despite eating my way through Boston, I balanced it by walking and only gained a pound.)

Next year’s family trip is already decided: Norway!

QueenSuzu November 18, 2017

Only gained a pound? You rock! Yes, the piece to drool over, except for the top part. The dollhouse! Was it a Victorian house--love it. Norway is the next trip eh? Interesting, how did that get picked? Yes, if I were wealthy I would travel extensively, as it is I work to go away again, even if it is just a short getaway.

ConnieK QueenSuzu ⋅ November 18, 2017 wasn't was walking! LOL! I think the dollhouse was more Edwardian (Georgian?). I've wanted to see Norway since I was a kid. My youngest has been there twice, eldest once. They want to go back and I'm excited they want me along!

woman in the moon November 18, 2017

The Museum of Fine Art pics made my day. I love Sargeant too.
Your food photos have been fab too.
Norway is where my dad - who was Irish and English - always wanted to go.
Do you have Norwegians in the family?

ConnieK woman in the moon ⋅ November 18, 2017

According to my most recent DNA test, I am 13% Scandinavian, primarily from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

a mote, floating November 18, 2017

I love the MFA -- been there several times. Great shots.
Awesome the way your walking balanced out all that lobstah! Wicked cool!
Fingers crossed that you can get to Norway. :D

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ November 18, 2017

LOL! I was at your place and you were at mine. :) The shots are lousy. I was rushed (the museum trip was a last minute quick tour before the airport. Completely unplanned) and my hand wasn't steady.

GypsyWynd November 18, 2017

That dollhouse is exquisite!
I didn't know the ancient Egyptians had toilets.....but it sure looks like the guy in your first photo is sitting on one.

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ November 18, 2017

Oh...I deleted a picture of the fertility god...a larger than life (in oh, so many ways) stone statue of the god holding a bountiful harvest of garden produce in his...skirt? Toga? Anyway, as his skirt is lifted, revealing his genitalia. I thought it was hilarious, but also thought some might be offended, so I deleted it.

GypsyWynd ConnieK ⋅ November 19, 2017

Would've loved to see that, but yeah, I imagine some might be offended (even if it is art)

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ November 19, 2017

I know. I went back and forth over it. It cracked me up.

Bird of Paradise November 25, 2017

Well what a nice trip and all the visiting.

ConnieK Bird of Paradise ⋅ November 25, 2017

It was a busier vacation than I'm used to, but the boys are still young and full of energy.

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