Emoji 169 & 196 Analysis in Strangely Estranged

  • Nov. 14, 2017, 12:55 p.m.
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Smiley 169 😞 and 196 👊 Symbol 169 ☪️ and 196 ▶️ and flag 169 🇫🇰 and 196 🇱🇨 and Object 169 🕰

The first smiley is Disappointed Face (Appointed Dies) and Oncoming Fist. The first flag is Falkland Islands (144) and second is St. Lucia LC (486 192). Resembles Star Trek. The object is Mantelpiece Clock (Man Tell Peace) 306,180,000 or 144. The symbols are Play (147) Button and Moon (18) and Star (17).

Regarding the Mantelpiece, dual meaning of my head displayed on a mantel and that I talked about the “peace” secret? Is this supposed to be justification for the decision?

The license plate, “816 KAZ” from Truman Show seems to indicate advanced knowledge of this date. The thought crimes given as the reason for this decision hadn’t occurred when the movie was released. I had no knowledge of any secrets in 1998, how can you judge me before I even knew anything? Besides, everyone in my world already knows the secret.

Let’s be honest for once and admit this was planned since at least age 7️⃣ or earlier, perhaps December 31, 1974?

They keep trying to justify the date by my actions or thoughts AFTER they made the decision. These are thoughts or behaviors manipulated and mind controlled by the same people who made the decision to doom me at age seven.

They launch a smear campaign, get everybody all riled up after they have Lowkey, their Superman Tramp Stamped Goddess. Make the good look bad and bad look good.

Lois Lane? You’ve got to be kidding. Superman? And the brainwashed believe this? That’s like believing in Mork from Orson. Suckers! When I’m gone they will turn on him, who else are they going to play their games on?

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