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  • Nov. 5, 2017, 9:14 p.m.
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Day Six (Thursday) was our second try for Salem and was a disappointment. It was mostly gift shops (heavy on the Harry Potter) and even the witch trial was so-so with only two actresses portraying the first woman to be accused and her accuser. In years past, there were other actors playing different historical people, but now mannequins sit in the jury box and judge’s seat and they ain’t talking.

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The tour of the reconstructed jail in which the accused were kept was sobering when you saw the size of the cells.

I’d wanted to tour the House of the Seven Gables, but the kids weren’t showing much enthusiasm since they’d never read the book, so I didn’t push it.

We left disappointed and drove to New Hampshire just to do a little leaf-peeping and since the fall season has been unusually warm, that too was off to a slow and dismal start. The drive was a pretty one and we did see SOME fall color

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and it was fun to see how into the autumn season people are: tons of homes decorated for Halloween (they take it seriously!), stone walls decorated with rows of pumpkins (they’d rot in the Florida sun), and scenic views of placid lakes and meandering streams and rivers. We stopped at a maple sugar shack but they weren’t open, unfortunately.

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Still, we all enjoyed the sightseeing and returned to the Best Western we were staying at in Concord, MA
This was the only day I did not have lobster. Instead we went to the cousins’ dinner

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in Stoneham, where we were to meet Uncle Sammy’s illegitimate daughter (found through DNA at, who was a no-show. I can understand it…she never knew about us, we never knew about her, and she is a professor at one of the more prestigious colleges in Boston, so she obviously has a great life. There’s no incentive to mix with a bunch of yapping Italians who welcome you with open arms and a heavy Boston accent as if you are a long-lost soul: “Caaaaahnie! Howahya? Come, sit heah. Everyone, look! Caaaahnie’s heah! Was ya flight good? Ya? What’d it take you? Fo-ah hou-ah-s from Fla-rah-da?”

So I didn’t get to meet my cousin through Uncle Sammy. He was married to Aunt Marie and they raised her nephews because Marie’s brother, Uncle Louis (pronounced “Louie”), was in prison, framed by J. Edgar Hoover himself. Unfortunately, my uncle died before being exonerated after a Boston Globe reporter found the truth. I should probably tell you that story sometime, if I haven’t already.

The dinner was good fun. There were 25 of us and we are ALL noisy, so those that marry into the family and are quieter just watch the show.

QueenSuzu November 05, 2017

Like be the cousins dinner and the accent Caaaahnie! Fall is my favorite time of year, crisp air, leaves all different colors and much as I fantasize about living on a semi-deserted island, I would miss the seasons, especially fall.

ConnieK QueenSuzu ⋅ November 06, 2017

We don't see much seasonal change in FL, but as much as I miss that part, I know it comes with hills, as well!

a mote, floating November 05, 2017

Oh, I could hear that accent in my head! Looks like a great crowd.
Love the photos. My favorite season flipped after I moved down here. It was Fall up north; here it's Spring.

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ November 06, 2017

Yes, those are my two favorite seasons, north and south, as well.

GypsyWynd November 05, 2017

I can just picture your husband, surrounded by all your cousins!

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ November 06, 2017

Oh, they love him!

GypsyWynd ConnieK ⋅ November 06, 2017

I'm sure they do. But he's so quiet, I'm trying to imagine him in a room full of garrulous Italians.

middle age pearl November 07, 2017

I've been to the loud and talking dinners on my husbands side of the family. If you leave with a handful of nuggets of new info, you're lucky, as most times everyone is more interested in what they themselves have said, are saying, or will say than listening to any other talk. lol

ConnieK middle age pearl ⋅ November 07, 2017

Our family is different, I guess. They are warm, not self-involved and none of us are interested in gossip. We were surprised by the news, but so was she. Everyone looked forward to meeting her and telling her our memories of her biological father, who was quite a character. Some connections have already been made. In a previous conversation, she discovered that her talent for sewing probably came from our side of the family. Maybe instead of seeing your husband's family as braggarts, they might be trying to entertain you. ;)

middle age pearl ConnieK ⋅ November 07, 2017

Oh they ARE entertaining. A couple or 3 or 4 of them get into a fight. When hubby was alive he would stop it before it got too bad, but with him gone, the family just doesn't try to get together anymore. We have a few times with vows that we wouldn't do THAT again. lol I think it has finally got to that point. We all know the trouble makers so we just avoid trouble.

ConnieK middle age pearl ⋅ November 08, 2017

Holiday dinners were always at my house until I got tired of my mother starting drama, so one year, I just announced that I wasn't doing it anymore and that we were going to my husband's family's for the holiday. My brother whined, "Well, what are we going to do?" I suggested THEY cook the meal. LOL!

The cousins dinner was different in that we'd not seen each other since Thanksgiving and Easter dinners of our childhoods, so no drama, no old axes to grind, just lots of happy chatter.

Reading_Blankie 📚 November 11, 2017

oh, I wish there were actual "seasons" in arizona. I love seeing photos of the leaves changing in other places. I <3 history, too.

ConnieK Reading_Blankie 📚 ⋅ November 11, 2017

Here in Florida, we have summer and fall/spring.

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