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  • Oct. 25, 2017, 12:50 p.m.
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I’ve fallen woefully behind and getting pictures uploaded in addition to catching up on business paperwork that piled up while I was gone has become a bit overwhelming, so I’ll just break these entries up.

Boston’s North End

Day One (Saturday) went smoothly. Our flight up was on American Airlines but we had none of the issues we experienced on our Grand Canyon trip (the reason we flew American again was because of the $1000 voucher they issued for that mess). We Ubered to the Air BnB, which was in East Boston not the North End (so subsequent Uber drivers were quite unhappy about crossing the bridge twice which resulted in two tolls, whenever we wanted to go into the North End).

alt text

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The Air BnB was very nice: 2 bedrooms, one bath, and a living room (which also converted into a bedroom), but no dining area upstairs. Downstairs was another bedroom, a kitchenette, DINING AREA, laundry room and a bath. It was a first floor apartment in an old Boston brownstone, so it had wonderful worn floorboards made of wide planks and trendy brick walls. There was a balcony and patio in the back, as well.

alt text

Our foster daughter flew in from NYC to join us for this leg of our journey and it was wonderful to have the family together again. We ate at Legal Seafood (I had a lobster roll and a cup of clam chowder), walked over to Faneuil Hall in the North End, stopped at Durgin Park for drinks, then the kids sent us back to the rental by Uber so we could turn in while they enjoyed the city nightlife.

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More entries soon!

GypsyWynd October 25, 2017

Looks like a fun trip!

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ October 25, 2017

It was, but they walk FAST! I feel as if I just got off the Bataan death march!

Chic Chat October 25, 2017

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip! The picture of the kids makes me chuckle. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

ConnieK Chic Chat ⋅ October 25, 2017

Yeah, they don't look too unhappy about us going back to the rental! LOL!

QueenSuzu October 25, 2017

Sounds good, can't wait for more. Question---what kind of clam chowder---hoping it was NE.

ConnieK QueenSuzu ⋅ October 25, 2017

Of COURSE it was New England chowdah. Ipswich clams, to be exact. :) Our beach cottage was near Ipswich.

Wranglingal October 25, 2017

Great Family picture!! Looking forwards to more pictures of your trip!!

ConnieK Wranglingal ⋅ October 25, 2017

Thanks. They're good kids. :)

woman in the moon October 25, 2017

Nice. I like all that old brick. The night pictures are very good.

a mote, floating October 25, 2017

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I remember getting produce at the Haymarket near the North End (and catching the express bus there when I lived in Woburn). As I type this I'm looking at a madras bedspread that I bought in Faneuil Market back in 1983. Looking forward to more!

WildflowerHeart October 26, 2017

Makes me want to go back there... but when it's warmer!!

Eriu October 26, 2017

One day I hope to visit Boston, but until then I can travel with you. I love the old architecture and also clam chowder; you can't beat that AND family/1

Bird of Paradise November 25, 2017

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