Thankful Thursday in Thankful Thursday

  • Oct. 12, 2017, 10:14 a.m.
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I am thankful I will see my babies in two weeks, woohoo!!!!

I am thankful I will be moving in two days, woohoo!!!!

I am thankful for my comfy bed!!!

I am also thankful for Netflix binges when not feeling well, starting watch that show This Is Us, what a tear jerker, lol.

I am thankful DashMan and GizmoCat especially this week, so cuddly and warm.

I am thankful rice and it’s healing properties if you know what I mean, lol.

I am thankful for my peeps, especially HubbyMan who has done some extra packing in my time of need, lol.

I am thankful for my body and it’s amazing way it perseveres thru everything so far, lol.

I am thankful for yoga although I have not done enough of it lately.

And I am always thankful for you dear reader.

Happy Thursday!!!

NorthernSeeker October 12, 2017

Moving this weekend. You've been getting the job of packing done and not complaining about it. Will you have help moving...extra friends and pickup trucks?

thesunnyabyss NorthernSeeker ⋅ October 12, 2017

Will supposedly has a couple of friends coming to help, another friend or two actually said they could maybe help ugh, we rented a uhaul truck, it's cheap and easy to do all in one move that way,

I am sick of packing and boxes everywhere, lol,

Deleted user October 12, 2017

Good luck with your move ! Exciting but arduous no doubt !

Beret October 14, 2017

Moving in two days? Guess that means you are moving today. Good luck!

thesunnyabyss Beret ⋅ October 14, 2017

moving today now, ugh, still sick though, not fun

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