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  • Sept. 15, 2017, 11:14 p.m.
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I just don’t have time to do it all and PB is one of those casualties.

My sis-in-law and nephew are here for a few days until power is restored in Naples. We’re having these long discussions on family dynamics, mixed in with old memories, and laughter and acceptance of personality traits. That’s in between conversations about what foods we don’t like and what life is like in Vietnam (and Italy. And France. and the States).

Did I mention my sister in law is French and cooks fabulous meals? That she’s a better cook than me? Or that my nephew is rather droll and witty and they’re both a lot of fun to have around? I’m getting spoiled!

They’re thrilled to be staying somewhere with electricity and hot showers, so it’s a win/win. 65,000 people in my area without power.

I am writing out my thoughts on the storm and will post them soon.

Deleted user September 15, 2017

Hope they can get electricity back on soon.

ConnieK Deleted user ⋅ September 16, 2017

Naples was hit hard. Lots of flooding and property damage.

Shattered September 16, 2017

Fingers crossed they get power back soon. It sounds like some well needed time together though. :)

ConnieK Shattered ⋅ September 16, 2017

We're all enjoying it!

QueenSuzu September 16, 2017

Sounds like you are living the proverbial saying with turning lemons into lemonade---continue enjoying the family time.

ConnieK QueenSuzu ⋅ September 16, 2017

Yes, we're finding that we all really rather LIKE each other and my nephew, an only child, is desperate for connection to his recently deceased Dad (my brother).

GypsyWynd September 16, 2017

Get your sis-in-law to cook extra so you can freeze some. Your family time sounds quite convivial........Something good to come out of Irma.

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ September 16, 2017

Oh, my gosh, Gypsy, you would not believe her talent! Tomorrow she is cooking a Vietnamese meal (she grew up there). I'm not sure I'm going to let her leave!

a mote, floating September 16, 2017

I like Happy Trails's "post Irma party." You're spending good quality time. Glad you're taking advantage of that even if it takes you away from PB.

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ September 16, 2017

It's quite a party! More on that after I'm done stepping through the experience. Good to hear from you!

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