• Sept. 11, 2017, 4:12 a.m.
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Doing this on my phone. Power went out at 3:20 this afternoon. Storm is picking up. We ate early and the dishwasher got through most of the cycle. So no shower tonight but we won’t be hungry. :)

I’m listening to the radio. Twelve hours before it’s over.

QueenSuzu September 11, 2017

Can't imagine how nervous-wracking it must be. Saw a video of Irma going thru PR and the noise alone from the wind is horrible. Thanks for updating, still praying.

ConnieK QueenSuzu ⋅ September 17, 2017

Irma weakened considerably after leaving Fort Myers, but the punch she left behind was a hard one.

WildflowerHeart September 11, 2017

Prayers for safety of all. Update when you can.

ConnieK WildflowerHeart ⋅ September 17, 2017

Thanks. We fared well.

GypsyWynd September 11, 2017

6pm. We still have power. We had tornado warnings earlier. Still waiting for the storm to reach us. Should be here in the next few hours. Keep safe.
Would you believe Carol called this afternoon!!? Did she really think I was going to have a chat while we had a storm? I didn't answer.

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ September 17, 2017

Good for you for ignoring her call. She was probably calling to check up on you, but why take a chance if it's just more drama over nothing.

a mote, floating September 11, 2017

Stay safe! Still have power in Citrus at 8:25 p.m. (heard >830 in Citrus are w/o power; that was a couple of hours ago). Storm should weaken considerably from yours by the time it gets here, but still pretty strong.

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ September 17, 2017

We all got lucky.

Ferret Mom September 11, 2017

Hope you are still ok. Update when you can, but understandable if it takes you a while . Thinking about you.

ConnieK Ferret Mom ⋅ September 17, 2017

Thanks. Hope all is well with you.

Eriu September 11, 2017

I've been praying for you and for all the people and animals in the path of the storm. I'll breathe easier when we hear from you! (((hugs)))

ConnieK Eriu ⋅ September 17, 2017

I'm here, the birds are here, but did you have to pray so blasted hard for the ANTS? :)

Eriu ConnieK ⋅ September 20, 2017

Well, being an "aunt" myself I couldn't leave them out! haha

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