Day 1 and Projectile Vomit in Just in Case

  • Aug. 12, 2017, 8:01 p.m.
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Actually, the projectile vomit occurred the day before day 1. Without getting too detailed on the info, I got trapped in a bathroom stall by a co-worker’s projectile stomach issues. I actually had my cell phone with me (waiting for a text about a computer I was working on) and had the secretary’s number half dialed (to get someone to clean it up, because I wasn’t going anywhere!!!) and then she got sick again. As she heaved, so did I. I couldn’t even talk to let her know I’d get help. I opened the door and figured out how I could jump over there and then hop over yonder and then skip sideways to make it out the door. All of this while heaving as she heaved. It was awful!! There were parents at the office, registering their child, and I was trying to tell the secretary what was happened while not throwing up. The principal (who is also a sympathetic vomitter) started heaving, so they separated us. I went into the school nurse’s office and scrubbed. I then germexed everything including my shoes. By then I was settled down and I came out and asked about my coworker. Everyone just blinked when I asked if anyone had gone to check on her. So I held my nose and went in to check on her. I was in there far too long, and had to go back in twice (once with a shirt - we keep extras for kids, including adult sizes - we get some large kids/ and a 2nd time with a toothbrush and tooth paste from the nurse’s office.) It was awful. She managed to drive herself home, and she was up there today, feeling much better. I won’t say anymore, other than to say that even though broccoli was never a favorite - I will NEVER EVER eat it again. Nope nope nope

Day 1 went fine. I only have 23 kids so far. It feels like I am teaching in a football stadium after 29/30 kids last year! I know we’ll add more, but i twas a good half day. I have a couple of boys that I’ll need to keep my eye on, but by and large, I got an awesome group. My new coworker (Hanna) has a pretty good group, too, other than one. She’s been to our school before, and then was homeschooled. Apparently mom is…well…difficult. The 3rd grade teacher was told she wasn’t allowed to use Sharpies or dry erase markers because of this child. No doctor’s note, no research, just an ugly mother making loud claims - and they gave in. I teach science, we do experiments - there are smells! I don’t know how that’s going to work. She has one child who was caught stealing pencils off the teacher’s desk last year, also. I’ll keep my eye on
her. Then there’s Jen’s group. Just like last year, she has the rough one - and just like last year, I have to take them to lunch. Our biggest trouble maker is in her class. He was suspended twice last year for fighting and he cussed the teachers a time or two. I haven’t officially met him yet. That should be interesting!

I’m hoping to get caught up on y’all tomorrow. I miss y’all!

terriberri August 12, 2017

Lots of ew. Lots!! Lil.

Jigger August 13, 2017


Small Town Girl August 13, 2017


Deleted user August 18, 2017

I never handled patient's vomiting or diarrhea well but you get used to it . Vicks under your nose helps :-)
Sounds like there are a few troublemakers in the classes but nothing too serious :-) for the pencil thief I would just make a basket full and put a sign : Take me :-)

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