I talked to her in Tackling 2017

  • May 19, 2017, 3:02 p.m.
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Ahhhhhh where to start?

This am went to Ryan’s mom and it went ok.
She told me that Ryan is so against me because of how things went down with his son. He told her not to talk to see me anymore. That’s why she vanished and didn’t talk to me for like a month.

She also asked me if we could have an secret relationship until she figures things out. She also love and misses us all.

Then I got a message from Ryan’s gf/fuck buddy’s ex bf with a screenshot of his convo with her. He have her put under “Love” and said Ryan and her is on vacation and that they still talk to each other especially while they on vacation…

I really hope Ryan finds this out and I hope he fall from high horse soon. Is it terrible that I hope his life will turn for worse?

I need strength

Last updated May 19, 2017

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