Rumblings in child care in All kinds of nonsense spewing forth

  • May 19, 2017, 1:45 p.m.
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Oh boy! The staff is getting restless. I recently hired 2 new staff members for our two year old room. One is fantastic, the other..not so much. I have had lots of meeting with them both, spent loads of time in the classroom trying to teach them how to get this group of insane 2 year old’s under control. I have explained things to them over and over and the lead teacher just does not get it. At first, I thought she just couldn’t get it but now I think she is just a very passive aggressive person who wants to do things her way. If her way worked, I wouldn’t have an issue but it is not working.

The room is completely out of control and the aide is running around like a crazy woman trying to handle everything. There are 8 kids in the room with the two staff members so it’s not like they are overloaded with kids.... the ratio is 8 kids to one teacher.....

The other teachers, ever so supportive, are the ones who are upset. They hate the incompetence and are worried that one of the wee ones will get hurt. Me too1

They also do not like the stress it puts on everyone else in the center.

As a whole, my staff is fantastic. Always supportive of each other, always looking out for the best interest of the kids. This one teacher has everyone pretty much up in arms.

She has only been here for two weeks and I thought with more training she would be such an asset to the center. I now have a feeling that I am wrong.

I cannot fire her right now since I have no one to replace her. As soon as someone who is teacher qualified walks in the door, she is gone. I just hope it happens soon.

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