Happy Birthday Aaron! in In the Meadow

  • May 19, 2017, 9:24 a.m.
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Aaron is twelve years old today! My baby is not a baby anymore. I remember when he was a newborn. I held him in my lap and we sat on the porch in the warm summer weather. It’s tough being a younger sibling of twins, but Aaron has always been his own person. When he was three he could sight read. He would read entire picture books to me. Now he likes reading youth detective stories. Aaron is also quite a magician and likes to perform magic tricks with his friends.

He is having a birthday party tomorrow. He is in sixth grade and this is his last year of elementary school. I am thinking this will be his last official birthday party. Timmy and Kayla had friends over to celebrate their birthdays, but they did not call it a birthday party. So I suspect Aaron will go that route starting in seventh grade.

My wonderful little boy is now twelve years old! Happy birthday Aaron!

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