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  • May 10, 2017, 12:38 p.m.
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Did you go and see American Beauty when it came out? Or have you seen it on dvd or Netflix? I don’t remember a huge amount about it, although I enjoyed it, but there was one scene which has stuck with me. This:

It’s the scene in which the male teenage protagonist is asked why he videos everything and responds thus:

 photo Screenshot_2017-05-10-18-25-59.png

You see, before I saw this I had never considered a plastic bag in the wind to be dancing; beautiful. But they really are, have you ever stopped to watch? Whenever I spot something insignificant this scene comes back to me.

Last week I was swimming behind Lila, each of her kicks sent bubbles swirling in front of me, tickling my face as they hit me. They danced frenetically, jostling with one another, the light reflecting off each one like a million dazzling faeries.

It’s those little things, the things we need to stop and notice while all the big, every day things carry on around us.

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thesunnyabyss May 10, 2017


Deleted user May 10, 2017

I never saw that movie but I watched the clip and was thinking to myself ( before I read his words ) how actually pretty a plastic bag floating up and down in the breeze could be and I would have never thought that before . Normally I see litter on the ground , curse the person who left it there and just pick it up :-) I also was thinking the bag could be symbol of the currents of life ; you are up and then down, full then empty , caught in a corner , then free to float again . This does make me think . Thanks for sharing it . Hugs !!!

Deleted user May 11, 2017

It's a great movie art helping us stop and think

January Child May 12, 2017

I can't say I remember the movie a lot but I do remember that it raised a heap of talking points!

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