TS3 Seasons in The Sims

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I’ve finally gotten back into playing after a very long hiatus from it. I stopped playing about a month after Pets came out but I still collected the games that came out. I’ve played Seasons and University pretty exclusively since I have so much new content to discover. I have every game installed but I like to focus on aspects of a certain EP until I’m familiar with it before moving on.

Remind me to NEVER use Hidden Springs for photo entries again. I still love using the world but there is something seriously screwed with the lighting in that town/world. They charge money for broken crap. The scene might look normal in game but once you see the actual photo it’s WAY darker and looks like I used some Photoshop shader on it. I don’t edit my Sims photos.

I still have loads of my old sims saved but I wanted someone new and I decided to pick a Sim from a neighbourhood I have not actively been playing yet. I chose Hidden Springs a world you can buy at TS3 store and picked Emmaline Rhoen as the Sim to play. Her before the makeover.

After her makeover in every day.

Emmaline in her formal wear.

Emma loves the violin and will often start her day off by playing a few classic pieces before breakfast.

Riley is Emma's dog and the only individual she can stand to live with.

Emmaline lives in a modest log cabin on a dirt road.

The only issue with the home is it seems to have a permanent visitor from the grave yard who enjoys messing up the house and eating ice cream all night.

When I started playing her it was just the beginning of summer so she went to visit the Summer Festival. Her first stop was the hot dog eating contest. She made sure to go with a fully empty stomach and she won easily!

It was getting hot out so to help cool off she took a couple runs down the slip 'n slide.

Emma was hesitant to try the tanning booth and rightly so when she came out with orange skin! It did go away after a few hours thankfully.

The last activity of the day is exchanging some of her festival tickets for rainbow sparklers. She is quite fascinated with them. Overall she wasn't too impressed with the Summer Festival.

Leisure Day comes and goes then autumn quickly sets in. Emma enjoys raking the leaves into a huge pile then playing in them.

Since it was autumn that meant it was time to carve her pumpkin!

The pumpkin all done and part of her Spooky Day lawn display.

The following day the Autumn Festival was announced. She made a beeline to the food stand which was very cute with its slice of pumpkin pie!

She decided to go with a cup of steaming hot chocolate and sat down to enjoy her tasty treat.

She dove right in, fairly literally, and joined an apple bobbing contest. She lost but she gave it a good try.

After that Emmaline caught sight of the pie eating contest.

In the end poor E was left with egg (cooked in a pie!) on her face.

Who wants to go to the haunted house? Emma did and LOVED it. What a great way to end the festival!

Winter weather comes all too quickly but at least the icicles and igloo are pretty!

The winter festival arrived in town and Emmaline may not have been the first Sim out there (too cold!) but it was worth it to go ice skating. Even if she isn't very good at it!

She was a bit chilly after skating so Emma decided to hop in the hot tub made available for guests of the festival.

Now being all warmed up Emmaline was ready to try her hand at snow boarding. She wasn't too bad considering.

Just before the festival closed for the day she also built a cute little snowman. Then it got too cold so she headed home.

Snowflake Day rolls around so Emma threw a gift-giving party with all her friends.

The weather slowly started to change and soon Emmaline no longer needed her bulky outerwear but did need to use her umbrella quite often. April showers DO bring May flowers after all!

At the spring festival Emma was immediately drawn to the kissing booth and decided she may as well give it a shot since she's a single lass.

Next on to play at the horseshoe pits!

Finally she participated in the Spring egg hunt.

That's where I'll leave Emmaline for now. Until next time, happy simming!

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