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  • April 2, 2017, 12:29 p.m.
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  • I have ordered a new-to-me phone. It’s a few years old but recent reviews say that it still stands up well against modern phones. It’s also a Chinese version of a phone which has 32 GB memory. I only bought my current phone last summer but, with 8GB, has given up the ghost. I have a 32GB memory card in but not everything can be moved to the memory card including whatsapp and Spotify which I use often and use up large quantities of memory. Apparently the camera is fab too. This one is a bit disappointing.

  • it’s been outstanding weather - we’ve spent a large proportion of the weekend in the garden. T mowed the lawn and I did some weeding, tents have been up, trampolining has been bounced and footballs kicked. We’ve been to our local lagoon and I’ve done a 10 mile run, trying to stick to the sunny side of the road.

  • due to condensation, sagging seals and mold, we’re getting new windows and since we’re getting the windows we’re going to get a new porch and front door too. The quite was a lot less than we were expecting which is why we’ve decided to do the front too. Our current porch is rotten and I can break into the house without keys incredibly easily!

  • babysitting tonight. The girls are coming with me at first because Rich is at ice hockey, he’s then going to pick them up on his way home. I really can’t wait until they don’t need babysitters so I don’t to babysit!

Deleted user April 02, 2017

They are growing up fast so your babysitting days will be over soon. We had to replace all the windows and skylights ( seven) in our house a few years ago as they were inefficient . It seems like with houses, it's always something .

thesunnyabyss April 02, 2017

not needing a babysitter is awesome, it's nice to have the freedom again, even in small doses,

home reno's are always so exciting, I hope you'll show photos!!!

have a great day!!!

January Child April 08, 2017

Love a new phone!

colojojo May 07, 2017

The weather has indeed been great lately. I actually think it's nicer than summer! Not so much weather wise, but barely any rain. Loving it :) glad you got outside :)

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