Ermen the red nosed woman! in Sparkly Springtime (April onwards) 2017

  • March 31, 2017, 6:01 p.m.
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I have a zit. A pimple. A spot. A huge, bulging, pulsating boil on the end of my nose.

People at work said they couldn’t see it while Rich snorted and said they were just being nice.

My zit is at that stage where it’s incredibly tender and hasn’t come to a head (literally) yet, it’s just making the area (the tip of my nose) swollen and red while the skin tightens from the pressure. The slightest touch really hurts.

And since I’m getting huge zits I’m watching in the mirror with optimism, waiting for the lines to fade and the youthful glow to reappear. .. I mean, zits are for the young; right?!

Lis March 31, 2017


Deleted user March 31, 2017

I hate that :-( Hope it goes away soon !

thesunnyabyss March 31, 2017

if you crush up an aspirin and put it on the pimple it will go away fast, it dries it out, so only on the pimple,

I hate pimples, lol

colojojo May 07, 2017

You have great self control. I'd be trying to pop it all day long.

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