Daisies 2. in Sparkly, frosty wintertime 2016 (started a little late!)

  • Feb. 15, 2017, 1:10 p.m.
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I had a lovely day in Redcar (up north from my dad’s house which us already up north). The beach was really lovely, incredibly tranquil and gorgeous. I had a lovely twenty minutes walking around and skimmed a stone that jumped about ten times.

 photo IMG_20170215_113124.jpg

 photo IMG_20170215_114002.jpg

 photo IMG_20170215_114219.jpg

I had to leave to go to the tattoo studio though, which was right on the sea front. It’s called Gothika and was decorated in charcoal, black and dark reds and browns with Victorian mirrors and clocks all around. I couldn’t help thinking of elvenassassin who, I suspected, would love it!

Josie, who did my tattoo was lovely. We chatted the whole time about cats and boyfriends, tattoos and autism. She thinks she may have high functioning autism and it was interesting hearing her talk. She said she’s fine in her studio because she’s in charge and it’s her space but when she’s out in public she often has to work out “how to human” (her phrase, which I loved). She also suffers from anxiety.

 photo IMG_20170215_124816.jpg

 photo IMG_20170215_125128.jpg

 photo IMG_20170215_133805.jpg

 photo IMG_20170215_172921.jpg

I had wanted to get fish and chips and go back to the beach afterwards but it took a lot longer than originally planned, I only had fifteen minutes left in the car park so I grabbed a Morrisons sandwich and dive back to my dad’s.

thesunnyabyss February 15, 2017

it really turned out beautiful, great job she did,

the beach looks wonderful too,

have a good day!!!!

Deleted user February 15, 2017

That does look great :)

I really like the windmills in the distance, humans and nature working together.

*Bug Droppings* February 15, 2017

it's beautiful

Deleted user February 18, 2017

Oh , the beach ! Your tattoo is pretty ! But ouch !

colojojo February 23, 2017

Ooooo it's so perty!!! Love it :))

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